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The Walking Dead, Am I Alone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temperance View Post
    Anyone watch the premiere of season 8 last night?
    I watched it also but I was distracted by a phone call so I think I missed a couple of key things so I'm going to watch it again later today and will check back here to see what people thought.

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    Yes! Love WD. After the Terminus season I vowed not too watch but glad I stayed. Last season was great. I watch on Netflix but always watch the premier of the new season.
    People say how can you watch that? The walkers become secondary after you get caught up in the story. I still cover my eyes a lot.

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    My hubby and I both watch. Yes, killing the zombies can be repetitive but I like the actors (reason I watch the show). We also watched the Strain - really good.

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