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Never thought retirement would be like this

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    Oct 2014
    Calories for the last 3 days: 1240, 1130, 1130. I've got to lose 8 lbs. Putting it in writing!

    Anyone want to join me?

    Besides the obvious reasons to do this, here are two specifically:

    1. Very mild summer so far this year, almost no days even in the upper 90's, but still the heat gets to me when I work outside. I cannot afford that. (I've mentioned this one before, but this year isn't even all that hot.)

    2. I've had a hissing in my ears for as long as I can remember (tinnitus?) but just learned to block it out. It's getting harder to ignore. Noticeably worse if I eat a lot of salt. Salt raises your BP. BP up by roughly 15/5 points last time it was checked. Still in the good range, but it was low normal 8 pounds ago. I want to see if it goes back down and if that makes a difference.

    Otherwise nothing new here. Waiting for the AC to go out in the truck. It's been working well for too many years. Ha!

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    Sounds like a plan, Nancy! Fewer "Fill-Ups"!

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    Ive always watched my sodium intake, Nancy. Not because of my BP which is normal (maybe that's why it's normal) but because I retain water easily.

    I eat way less than the recommended daily amount, it's just become a way of life for me. Means many processed foods are a no no.

    Watching my sodium has also helped me maintain my weight because most of the food that's lowest in sodium is fruit and veggies and meat that's not been injected with broth or something else that adds sodium.

    Good luck!

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