Where Do You Live in Your Body?

  1. Phoenix
    That which is yourself, your spirit, your soul, whatever you call the real you, where does it reside inside your physical body? I first thought of this when I was nine. I was walking with my ten-year-old cousin across the church parking lot on the way to the main entrance. It suddenly occurred to me, if I cut myself open where would I find me? I asked her what she thought. She looked at me like I was nuts. Being nuts has it perks. It turned me into a writer of books.

    What do you think? Where do you think you live?
  2. Warrigal
    As a child I thought it was the heart that contained the essence of me. Then Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant and I had to adjust my thinking about this organ.

    Now I intuitively think that I live behind my eyes, ie in the brain but it's more subtle than that. I feel that my mind is the essence of who I am.

    Scientists are working on the mind-brain question to discover the nature of consciousness. Consciousness, what it is and where it comes from is a matter for conjecture. It is recognised in many lifeforms but not in rocks. I heard a philosopher discussing this last night. He made a distinction between 'heaps' and 'wholes'. His point was that wholes such as organisms like animals, plants, molecules, atoms, even sub atomic particles are parts of a universe that is conscious and self organising. Rocks are a heap and heaps are not conscious and self organising although the molecules that make them up are conscious.

    With this view he separates himself from both the Darwinists and the Creationists in that he suggests that the Universe is in some way self organising and self directing and that evolution is not random. He also doesn't buy the idea that we create our own realities because we live in a real world and are dependent on it. He argued that if we think that we live in an unreal world, try not eating or drinking the unreal substances that we need to live.

    I cannot remember the title of his book or his name but if I can find it on the ABC website I will post a reference.

    In the end, I think I agree with Descartes - I think, therefore I am. I exist in my consciousness.

    I've found the radio program

    The Nature Of Consciousness with Christian de Quincey, Ph D

    Broadcast:Monday 16 May 2016 3:05AM
    In this provocative dialogue, Christian de Quincey describes the difference between consciousness and energy as 'Consciousness knows, energy flows'.

    Energy and matter can be quantified, but consciousness is non-physical and doesn’t exist in space. Consciousness knows objects but it is not itself an object. When asked if consciousness creates matter, de Quincey responds by pointing out, 'Consciousness participates with potentiality and energy to shape the physical universe. So in that sense, consciousness plays a part in the manifestation, but consciousness alone can only do that if energy already exists'.

    He explains that the physical world would remain suspended in a tangled mesh of quantum possibilities without consciousness. His definition of consciousness is: 'Consciousness is the intrinsic ability of matter and energy to feel and know and be aware and to purposely direct itself. So consciousness is what is directing the flow of energy that we call the evolution of the cosmos and the evolution of our species and everything else'.

    And rather than subscribing to the notion that we create our own reality, de Quincey thinks it is a more accurate statement to say, 'Each of us participates in co-creating a shared reality'.

    He describes beliefs as 'Frozen fragments of consciousness, snapshots of reality'. He says beliefs are rooted in the past, whereas intention is a creative aspect of consciousness focusing itself on some result, on some manifestation. (hosted Justine Willis Toms) #3568


  3. Warrigal
    Well, Phoenix, it looks like it is just you and me interested in the more serious topics. Do you want to repeat your post in the general forum?
    I can guarantee that someone will derail it fairly quickly but it is worth a try.
  4. Butterfly
    I think the real me lives in my head, behind my eyes, also.
  5. Uncontrolable
    My body is the host of my mind. The only thing is that my soul, my consciousness will leave my body. If you believe that your body is a meaningless place ask yourself where you feel love, loss, anger, resentment. I feel these things in my chest. Not in my head. My head functions as an observer.
  6. Warrigal
    I see it that way too but another word for soul might be spirit.

    It is interesting to note that pre Darwin, creationism described a belief that while our bodies are formed from natural processes in the same way that all other species are, the soul is a unique creation that God adds to each human being at or before birth.

    It is only since Darwin's Origin of Species was published that creationism has come to mean the belief that the Genesis accounts of creation are literally true, rather than allegorical myths.
  7. Anomaly 73
    Anomaly 73
    In the pit of my stomach.
  8. Olivia
    When I think of our physical bodies, I think that it's like we've been placed into some alien entities and we as created humans have taken over. I know it's been described as "temples" and we need to take care of them. But alien nevertheless.
  9. Warrigal
    Hmmn ... I tend to see it in the reverse.

    Our physical bodies are clearly shaped by evolutionary processes to allow it to survive on this planet. So are our instincts but where does our love of art and music come from? Where have our creative instincts come from? Developing a system of counting seems rational but developing advanced calculus, the Periodic Table, and statistical analysis ? Not to mention spectral analysis and mass spectroscopy. These accomplishments seem to go far beyond mere Darwinian theory can account for. They do seem to be alien and they are leading us to a a destiny beyond the confines of this earth.
  10. Olivia
    I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place (Where do You Live in your Body?). Actually, Warrigal, what I wrote was not different from the answer you had to my post. I do think our spiritual selves are separate entities from our bodies and do have all the characteristics you mentioned.
  11. Warrigal
    Olivia, you are posting in the right place, and yes, we are basically making the same point. There is a part of me that is otherworldly which I call my soul or spirit. In earlier times it would be called the breath of God that gives life to the body.

    I'm rambling a bit now because I am about to prepare our evening meal. Don't worry about posting "correctly". All opinions are OK and add to the discussion.
  12. Bob1950
    I would like to continue this intriguing thread. First of all, we need to answer "Who we are?" and then to decide where we live. Of course, there are many opinions, including scientific hypothesis. Because it is the spiritual thread, let's consider one spiritual practice that allows feeling "Real I" and Universe.

    Try to answer several questions.
    Is my body the "Real I"? Probably not because we can consider our body as something external, as a tool for our interaction with material word/nature/environment. So, we can feel ourselves as “Observers”(thinking subjects) regarding to our bodies.

    Are our emotions, thoughts, feelings "Real I"? Again, probably not. We can also consider them as attributes of our Observer. We, as Observers, can analyze and drive our emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

    Next step is more difficult. Can we consider our Observer as “Real I”? Again, probably not. Observer (also Ego) is a "center" that drives attributes mentioned above. However when we are in slow wave sleep or under deep anesthesia our Observer disappears, but we are live and after awaking, our Observer appears again. So, our “Real I” exists in our unconscious states. In other words, "Real I" exists independently of our sense of personal identity. Could we consider “Real I” as this "empty of conscious", as "nothing?" Obviously, we cannot answer this question, using our mind. However, we can touch this feeling of empty ("Real I") when our mind stops. This feeling may be developed repeating this analysis as meditation. Thus, if we identify ourselves with "Real I" we are immortal, we are "all and nothing", we are Universe. This is one of the many spiritual ways to know who we are and where we live.
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