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    Cleveland Indians will become Cleveland Guardians

    To be clear, using the “N” word is not illegal, period. You see, there is this thing called the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. There are times when it could become illegal. For example: If anyone would use the word in a threatening manner like, “I’m going to beat the crap out of that...
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    Police Officer Kills Wife After Getting His Gun Back

    Cops are people and as such are also subjected to being imperfect. It seems that a lot of people tend to forget this. Thus, they can also be thieves, murderers, menaces to society and the like. We expect the police to be above all of this, but alas, we are not. We have the same societal and...
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    Diane Taylor

    This brings to mind the case that has been haunting me. Maybe it's time that I spoke with the my suspect's girlfriend again.
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    Tow Trucks

    Tow trucks are an amazing piece of equipment. I have investigated a lot of accidents and have had to request tow trucks over and over. Some are small and some are huge, but they all serve the public well.
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    Diane Taylor

    I have looked at the site from time to time. I get curious from time to time.
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    Diane Taylor

    This murder happened during a time period in our lives when serial killers where seldom addressed. Many unknown/unsolved cases have been tagged as possible victims of serial killers. Until more information has been obtained, which is highly doubtful, these cases will likely remain unsolved and...
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    Watching for submarines….. in north Idaho !

    I remember as a teenager that I was asked to go watch submarine races. No thanks.
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    Transgender woman wins Miss Nevada crown

    OK, but she is not a she, correct? I could never figure out how someone can change their gender. You are what you until you die. Transgender my a$$. Remember that post from a day or so ago (or maybe I heard about this on TV) where the man (transgender) walked into a lady's spa with no clothes on...
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    First Time I was Called This...

    I think that in this situation, it should have been considered a term of endearment. You are right in listening to the tone in which the phrase was stated and noticing the situation in which you and he were in. It may have been more respectful that you realized.
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    Black Seattle LGBT Group Charging White LGBT Members A Reparations Fee To Attend Rally.

    I haven’t heard anything about this. Personally or professionally, I have never had any dealings with either group. I have noticed that most of these non-civic minded groups are younger people who have no idea what life has to offer. There is much to enjoy in our great country and yet some want...
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    Cuba's new vaccine 92% effective

    Good for them, but was it re-labeled? Not a conspirator, just thinking out loud.
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    Driver hits fortified mailbox now a parapalegic--

    In some of our counties, there is such a thing called “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.” One of the covenants is a legal loophole which states that certain things on a person’s property carry a reasonable expectation to be what it is. For example; if it looks like a mailbox, it should be...
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    Derek Chauvin's sentencing is tomorrow. What will it be?

    Just goes to show you how laws differ. I have no knowledge of Minnesota laws, but here in PA because he was a known felon, we would have been able to hold him (arrest) on suspicion because we would have had probable cause. That would allow the police 24 hours to find evidence for the DA to...