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    Are you working on any meaningless tasks?

    Me too! šŸ˜Š
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    The One and Only ELVIS Please..

    Elvis gave Muhammad Ali this now famous robe in 1973.
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    Wire Trees

    My mother had one from the 20s. The wires were wrapped in silk thread with leaves and blossoms made of jade. We called it the jade tree. I donā€™t know where it came from or any special name for it.
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    What are you doing today?

    Puttering! Ran the vacuum cleaner, emptied it, made a mess, cleaned it up! Took out the trash and recyclables. Checked the mail for the first time in a week. I really enjoy the USPS Informed Delivery service that sends me an email every morning detailing what to expect in the day's mail...
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    This ones for you, Seabreeze.

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    Covid Vaccines to 12-15 year olds - What are your thoughts?

    IMO a 12 year old is capable of making an informed decision. This is just one of many decisions/choices that a young person will have to make about their bodies, beliefs, safety, etc... I would support it and explain it but the ultimate decision should be left to the child.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    You aren't alone!
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    Soft serve vanilla in a sugar cone!
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    We've had some price increases, my local station is at $2.88/gal for regular unleaded, but no shortages reported in the news. I have 3/4 of a tank and that will last me about 6 weeks if I'm careful.
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    Perry Como, "the man who invented casual."

    Perry Como is the young barber on the right.
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    Some Chinese are producing capsules filled with... (you're not gonna believe this)... "There is nothing new under the sun, but there is something old we do not know." - Laurence J. Peter
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    Is it selfish of me to want to receive cards or gifts for my birthday and Mother’s Day?

    It's completely normal to feel disappointed. I wouldn't mention it but I agree with @terry123 that maybe it's time to cut back and focus your attention on the grandchildren or on your close friends.
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    What Is Your Neighborhood Walk Score?

    62 Everything I need on a regular basis is within a half-mile or approx. 5 city blocks. Things have changed so much in the last few years that pretty much everything I need can be delivered. My neighborhood is a little bit gritty but it's safe to be out and about alone during the daytime...
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    Remember when "Rock N Roll" was bad ass?

    Sad and amazing that Rock 'n' Roll got the attention of racists around the globe.