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    Dog and Catfood Recall

    I guess we were due for one.
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    August 15 will be the 73rd anniversary of VJ Day.

    It will be a fitting day to think about the horrors of the most terrible war in the history of the world. We should consider as well the current atmosphere of militarism in the world. War is not glorious. It's foul. It kills many and reduces the quality of life for all. The following videos...
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    Dog Treat Recall 5/23/18: Treats

    We went without one for a while, but now there's another.
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    Crime Prevention: Wyoming, 1883

    Visitors to Wyoming shouldn't miss the Carbon County Museum. It's a pleasant family stop with plenty of exhibits. The most popular exhibit is that of Big Nose George, a bandit and murderer who was lynched in Rawlins. The most appealing part of the exhibit consists of several interesting...
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    Dog Food Recalls: 4/21/18

    There are two links to two different recalls. Please read them both. This is the first that I've ever see for botulism.
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    Dog Food Recall 4/19/18
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    Dog Food Recall 4/14/18 April 13, 2018 — K9 Natural Ltd is voluntarily recalling 4 batches of its K9 Natural Frozen Chicken Feast that were imported into the US in June 2017 because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria...
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    Dog Food Recall: 3/27/18 Blue Ridge Beef Dog Food Recall of March 2018
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    Recall: 3/23/18

    Here's another one.
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    Microchipping Pets

    This cat was reunited with his owner after fourteen years.
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    Multiple Brands of Dog Chews Recalled There have been many problems with dog chews and frozen raw food lately.
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    Full Listing of Dog Food Recalls

    This is the full list. The most recent are first. There are three new today.
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    Two Dog Food Recalls

    Two in one day isn't good. Make sure that you don't have either of these.
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    Syrian Engineering Corps Finds Ancient Greek Mosaic Floor While Removing Land Mines

    During a routine mine removal operation Syrian military engineers discovered the buried floor in the Hama area, a place of intense fighting. Archaeologists quickly began a very careful excavation which is providing information about a previously unknown Byzantine religious site. This is...
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    These people must be prosecuted and imprisoned.

    I believe that citizens of one nation should not comment on the culture of another nation. However, this incident violates any realistic standard of ethics and morality. I will mention that an American truck (lorry) driver who purposely drove into a group of deer received a seven year prison...