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    Company Says Its Drones Will Plant 1B Trees by 2028

    i'd like to have one that cleans my house :LOL:
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    Lonely But Not Alone

    oh well...dogs can keep us busy..i know:ROFLMAO:
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    You Won't Believe This Newest Concern About The Virus!!

    well...they'll just eat each other soon
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    Right now, what’s on top of your refrigerator?

    i like this post...since we're in the camper right now..nothing...but there's a shelf above it all way butter..salt pepper..etc
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    Went To My Doctor Today Conclusion: "Who Knows?"

    the incubation time throws the tests off day
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    Will we just get used to all the dying?

    it makes us think of our own mortality
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    My holiday weekend has started early. I threw my back out.

    I always use ice..only ice
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    Old-fashioned clothesline drying...

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    Sanitizing, A New Industry?

    i've often thought Clorox needs to come out with a product much like the bug bomb...set them off...leave...come back....walla!
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    Florida and Texas easing some coronavirus restrictions as Trump pushes for reopening

    business has to open..our economy will is being done in phases
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    Have You Had "No Contact" Deliveries From Supermarkets?

    we did it first time it..they text you thru the app...keep that a phone #is on the sign wherever you park..didnt even get out of the car... they didn't have everything...but enough..
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    Curbside pickup

    we used it for first time. day pick up...i like it
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    I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I think there is much more to this than what we are being told.

    I read an article about the "bat lady" from wuhan....a research scientist at the lab there...eye opener
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    Finding my anxiety and depression kicking in big time

    i hope you get thru it ...i focus on the people who are in terrible conditions....fighting virus....have no makes me sad...i just pray