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    Thoughts on a companionship service?

    I am a Nigerian prince and just won the irish sweepstakes..and need help getting my new found money out the country and getting it and myself to the
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    --Downsizing-- donation pickup

    What charitable agencies will pick up all donations in one trip. curbside-Once Commerce returns --agencies reopen of course. Downsizing - clothes, electronic accessories, shoes, household items. the usual accumulation and clutter- I live in a medium-sized college town there are Goodwill and...
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    Where to go meet people?

    I will visit with on skype I dont necessarluly care what you look like--pretty, ugly, etc?- I do care that your not a kid giraffe sinister chain saw killer etc....ole fat guy in kansas...and bald...otherwise instact...
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    Feeling unusually sad this evening

    thank you for that -- I refer to that particular malady as the "kruger dunning" effect ...look it up I am sure you will enjoy applying to your local moronic culture as I do.....
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    Feeling unusually sad this evening

    read :"memo from god", by Ogg Mandino very uplifting pep talk/gratitude narrative...half-full half-empty---glass is too big...
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    Where to go meet people?

    I have given up to the point of now looking carefully at the internet. .church bars bingo vfw, drunks - eagles club drunks -american legion drunks...alcoholics anonymous drunks...casinos senior centers community centers no so much drunks, but worse, political extremists. ..the drunks will be...
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    Recently finalized my divorce, I am new on this site.

    33 years for me--seem to connect with men..go figure..
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    Dating After 50

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    Dating After 50

    The stats are, as I understand 26 folks, 2 you like and they don't like you --2 like you and you cant stand them. one will like you and you will like him/her --that is from dating age tho, most of us are far too cranky picky etc etc for those to be good odds for us--I am afraid after...
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    Question about large entrance fees for senior housing

    get a trustworty lawyer gereritic local hospitals have access you can do better than than..
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    Dating After 50

    No, but I am desperate to find a legit site...with legit folks...I also, because of privacy and security reasons - I too would prefer to be off of a dating (surveillance ) site because of the privacy issues...much private chit chat- fiction or not goes on and right into everyone one in the world...
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    affordable desirable senior housing communities

    hence the 202's ---which are market rate in a subsidized compex --most are subsidized..but a certain percent of the units are market rate..hopefully cheaper than full market rate yet more than the subsidized...
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    affordable desirable senior housing communities

    thanks not news to me...I am completely aware of that--sadly
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    Want to move but need help finding another Senior, low-income apartment

    Denise, I am up to speed on this effort..but I dont want to write a book about ii ,or a pamphlet either -I will be happy to give you my phone number and we can discuss at a time that is good for both of us. however, from my experience --it is not a rosy future- as far as the 202 goes roughly it...