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    I will start receiving my pension in 11 days time when I become 66, well actually, I won’t get it until 12th September as it is paid in arrears......... But can you believe, They then take away my carers allowance, and some of my husbands disability allowances, so I won’t benefit at...
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    Names that made you laugh (or go Hmm)

    I shouldn’t really laugh , but I always look up , when I hear this on our news Our British commissioner senior police officer .....Cressida rose Dick , Oh ....she’s a dame ......
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    Caption this Photo "I'm sure. One puff and your dead."

    Wheres the ashtrays !!
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    Photos from your neighborhood

    My eldest sons house......
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    Photos from your neighborhood

    Views from my house now .....
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    Photos from your neighborhood

    Views from my old house .......
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    What Happens When We Die?

    Yes sassy , I believe we are living in hell... But I also think , it’s getting us ready for the after world ..🧐😏
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    What Happens When We Die?

    No one will ever know......only the person that dies.....
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    Good old Coke

    The last time I had Pepsi’, which was years ago, it tasted of sawdust yuk.....😒
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    My wonderful Wife, Sue passed away

    Aww, so sorry , to hear your sad news ......
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    I Forgot My Kid But Not My Phone

    My friend lost her front teeth , looking at her phone and tripping up on the paving I think she sued the council .........=
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    Do you keep your dwelling locked all the time?

    Its terrible really , but when I go out I leave my back door unlocked....🙄😱
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    It's National Ice Cream Month! What's Your Favorite?

    Coffee, or walnut