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    How Well Do You Know Your Bladder?

    I totally agree Judycat... mine has switched over to nightshift and keeps waking me up
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    Dana’s Personal Classic Faves

    Here's another dance fave from two different styles... beautiful how they can combine
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    A Second Language

    Oh to be able to speak French fluently ... such a beautiful language. Not a lot of call for it in S GA, however
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    My plan to spend my six days off (happens once a month) in my hometown with kids has been scuttled r/t panic buying. I am not amused 😔
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    Photos from your neighborhood

    Thanks Keesha. 😊
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    Photos from your neighborhood

    Irises in the back yard of my rental
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    You Know You Are From Washington State When

    Unless your home-visiting nursing assignments are right in down town Seattle, then you learn how to parallel park like a ninja or find a central parking garage and walk to several homes nearby
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    Clean comedians

    Love Jeff Foworthy!
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    Have your own style?

    Classic, understated, solid colors. I was very taken with the green (tweed?) jacket Claire Foy wore as Queen Elizabeth in Balmoral in season one of The Crown but I never can find a picture of it =(
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    A new day...

    Thanks for the enlightenment 😄
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    A new day...

    @MarciKS i like the Breyer’s brand low carb ice cream. Our store gets another brand too but it tastes “pasty” to me 🤔
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    Happy Mother's Day to All Our Wonderful Women out There

    I’m working today but it’s a picture-perfect day and I see lots of families getting together outdoor to celebrate ... so lovely! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms here on the forum!
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    In case I missed ur introduction on another thread, welcome to the forum @TommyTomTom !