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    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day, Good Night, Etc. #4

    Wonderful afternoon here in GA... getting to spend time with my grand-girls for the first time in months. Hope y’all’s day is going well !
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    Are fast food prices rising in your area?

    I know the “quality” (very loose term) is going down. Whoever had a rare hamburger at Wendy’s? Or I say “no fries please”... and fries are included.. or I ask for un-sweet tea... u get the picture...
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    Earthquake in California last night

    Bless it, @hellomimi ! I experienced the 6.2 quake in LA in '71 (72?). That was enough earthquakes for me! Hope you didn't have any damage.
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    We need this!

    Don’t I know it!! 😊
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    Autumn/Fall Photos and Recipes

    ❤❤❤❤. I cannot hit the “love” button enough times!!
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    We need this!

    Oh @Gaer this is near and dear to my heart! The wonderful man in my life is not only a man of integrity and caring, he is also brave and willing to lay down his life for a person in danger. Of course he’s been retired for many years but in his 60’s he worked as a prison guard and one day in...
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    Autumn/Fall Photos and Recipes

    Perfect fall day in Michigan last year
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    Fall 2020

    While in Michigan last fall I took numerous pics of fall foliage but it just didn’t do the colors justice. One morning, I finally caught the sun at the right angle or whatever. I love fall in the North!
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    Photos from your neighborhood

    Brilliant colored cannas brighten up an overcast autumn day
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    Idiot at the intersection!!

    ::gentle hug::
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    The Shortest Flight in the World

    Fascinating... wonder what they charge for this puddle-jump?
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    Fall 2020

    The thing I look forward to in autumn is when it is cool enough to open the windows and as evening comes in, I light votive candles in autumn-y candle holders, turn off the lights and enjoy the sounds of the birds songs changing to crickets chirping Very relaxing.
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    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day, Good Night, Etc. #4

    Autumn temps in S GA for the next few days! Woo-hoo! Have a great Friday Friends!
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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

    This is who I'd rather see in my coffee... Colin Froth-- uh, Firth =P
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    Lefties: Is this true?

    I’m right handed. When I was in counseling back years ago, my counselor had me do an exercise to help me open up emotionally (lots of bottling up back then 🙄). She had me write out my thoughts on what I was struggling with using my left hand. Gushes of tears... very cathartic. I guess the...