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    We need this!

    Some things about my wife: Very compassionate. Very loving. Very much a Christian lady (but definitely not a "bible pusher") And, was an extremely fast learner of pro-rodeo. With what she wore, the lingo she learned, I was completely amazed at how she fit, and was accepted, into the rodeo family.
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    Lottery winners what & what not to do

    Something I read.........."The two MUSTS of winning a large lottery: Retain a lawyer and get an Accountant". A lot of us dream of winning a nice lottery, but how we handle that winning, will either be good-to-great or quite frightening. Investing is a great thing, but so is buying, vacations...
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    Lottery winners what & what not to do

    I seen a documentary once about the horrors of winning the lottery........IOW, murders. In one situation, a woman, going thru a child custody battle with her to-be ex-husband, won a lottery. He found out and murdered her in the backyard of the house they had together. Her parents told reporters...
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    Is It SOP For Police To Accompany EMT To All Home Emergencies?

    From my past EMS experience, it depends on what the call is about. If a death has occurred, most likely an officer/officers will show up, whether a crime has happened or not.
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    Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes

    Wife and I have been taking it for years now, without any complications. I started taking it in Oct 2009, when diagnosed as a Diabetic II. Apparently, what a medication can do to a person depends on the person's body.
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    Idiot at the intersection!!

    It appears that you used "objective" words in your post. IOW, words that apparently aren't allowed on this forum. There is one of those right after your word "a--". At least that's what I think/see. I do see you emoji's though.
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    Idiot at the intersection!!

    Thank God you are ok. Out of curiosity, what are the four "obj" in your opening post here?
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    Maine wedding is linked to the deaths of 7 people who didn't attend

    My SIL, and her daughter, went to a wedding this past Sunday. I looked at the photos on Facebook masks and no distancing done. The wedding was in Dallas, TX and, before flying there, the SIL wanted to know if she could come here (northern Colorado) to see us. I put the hammer down...
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    Does Anyone Weather-Proof or Winterize Their Home or Apartment?

    Funny, but you wouldn't believe how many Texans have moved to Colorado.
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    What are you doing today?

    Yesterday we bought a 2-burner propane grill and accessories. Our old one was shot and left it in Florida. Seems like steak and burgers taste better cooked on the grill than on the stove/in the broiler. This grill is only for warm weather, that we still have a few weeks left of. Then, it will be...
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    Does Anyone Weather-Proof or Winterize Their Home or Apartment?

    A few weeks ago, we installed the two-way tape and clear plastic (kit) we bought on our only bedroom window. It works, but not as good as we thought it would. We were thinking about buying another kit and installing another clear plastic over the other one, but for now it just "thinking". We...
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    I am a new guy here. Just a little info about me

    Welcome from northern Colorado. First an enlistee, than a Military Intelligence that sounds really neat!
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    Computer problems ......

    Update speed depends on the speed of your computer. My desktop is quite a bit slower than my wife's laptop. The laptop is "lightning fast". We bought the laptop last Nov. from Best Buy, because it is so speedy. Microsoft updates don't bother me at all, and I'm the one that checks/downloads any...
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    When Husband Refuses to Downsize

    I always hate hearing about a marriage like you are having. Fortunately, my wife and I truly agree on almost everything. Been married for almost 20 years, in March 2021. She is/was a "saver", but we both decided to start downsizing in 2005 doing community garage sales and just giving away some...
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    Two LA deputies shot , ambush style

    Absolutely disgusting, but not the first time and won't be the last. When I worked in EMS, which emergency medical services wasn't called that back in the 70's, part of the areas I covered was Compton, Watts, South Central/Los Angeles. I would get calls from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's...