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    Wire Trees

    Is there a specific name for this type of knick-knack? The "trees" are composed of wires that are bendable making the trees posable. One has multi-colored colored leaves and the other has tiny bells.
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    What are you doing today?

    Cut my hair again. Almost the same length on each side. Can't say about the back - there it's feel & snip. I don't see the back anyway.
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    True or False...

    False You still set your alarm clock.
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    Guess the Food

    A Tex-Mex meat dish _ _ _ _ //_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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    What are you doing today?

    I put the rug for sale on FB Marketplace and I thought my message box would be flooded with people wanting to buy it. Not one response except one person that said they could get a new undamaged one for what I'm asking for an old, dusty, falling-apart dumpster filler. Why do people do that? If...
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    Ridiculous made-up names

    Candy Barr D
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    Guess the Food

    vegetarian lasagna
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    What are you doing today?

    Well, the rug was preying on my mind. When I rested up enough, I went back out and unfurled it on the front lawn. It's 14 x 11 feet (4 x 3 meters), but has some condition issues (frayed in a few places and a small area is missing (I guess that's the part that goes under the couch). I wonder how...
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    Perry Como, "the man who invented casual."

    A comic once said of Perry, "He looks like an ad for Valium."
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    COVID Deaths per capita Rates

    Actually it looks like eastern Europe has the highest rates.
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    What are you doing today?

    Those particular ones aren't for sale. I have 2 baskets of other bottles I'm putting out for the sale ranging in price fro $1 to $15 (prices obtained from online research).
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    Ridiculous made-up names

    Anson DePantz B
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    Guess the Food

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    Caption? Anyone?

    Bare cheeked liar!