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  • G'day Denise.. Yeah I loved that idea... Right now I have a 5' X 5' with cinder blocks that I burn BIG wood items or bush, but we've been looking for idea's for a small fire, I'm going to seriously look at that idea.. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your kind words on our home... Have a GREAT day!
    :happybday: to you Denise! I hope it's a great one and that your year ahead is just wonderful! :)
    Aw, geez thanks Denise, that's so sweet. I'm equally as glad that you are on this forum too!. We seem to think alike sometimes and have some things in common. I'm honored to call you my friend!:)
    This works fine, and if you want to send something to someone, that others can't see, you can click on "send private message". Thanks for writing me Linda, you did, so remind me of my friend. We went to grade school together in Wimer Oregon:) It is nice to meet you Linda, and hope you are having fun here. We moved a lot as well, and all within Oregon. I was always having to start at a new school, except I got to stay for 2 last years at Douglas High in Winston. It was kind of a blessing, felt part of:) Denise
    Denise, Is this the correct place to answer your message? I grew up around Florence (lst and 2nd grade) and then Cooston (by North Bend) for 2 years and then the Willamette Valley --- Salem. I was born in Portland. I was born in 1949 so probably I just look like someone you used to know. People are always telling me that though. :)
    Oh yeah, if you can get out away from the city lights it's amazing isn't it. For now, I am glad I at least have the internet, bet you've cruised the Hubble site, among others:) Denise PS Your new program sounds really cool! Have to google it;)
    That's excellent - I used to be quite a star buff, built my own refractor telescope and all, but living in big cities kind of put the kibosh on my celestial pursuits. :(

    Still - I just bought a neat little planetarium / star charting program that equals anything I ever saw in college, so at least when I get the urge I can watch the stars. And if I move to the Space Coast of Florida I can watch a lot of lift-offs! ;)
    I've only ever been to China - once - and it was hard to get a handle on their culture in the short time I was there (3 months), but I've been involved in Oriental martial arts my entire life so I had a little preparation going in.

    The differences between them and us are merely cultural traditions - take away the different ways of looking at life and yes, we are indeed all the same.

    ... except for my next door neighbors - I'm convinced they're from another planet. :(
    Well, truth be known I've been in PA for 25 years now and I'm still a foreigner here. New York was my birth state, Pennsylvania is my residing / existing Commonwealth but Florida is my spiritual home - not necessarily because the weather is "better" or there are palm trees and beaches (although that doesn't hurt!), but because I've got some good memories associated with the state and because I feel it's where I'm "supposed to be".

    Not much solid evidence to go on, I know, but then I've always been the feeling/intuitive sort. :eek:
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