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    Does Life Really Amount to Much?

    IMO, all persons on Earth have a legacy. For many living their life is a struggle to survive, and to help others also survive. I've thought about dieing with no legacy. Three children I'm proud of, yeah, but I also hope my Essential Tremor (amateur) poetry will be part of my legacy. But...
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    Are all religions cults?

    I've excepted Jesus Christ onto my life to be my Lord and Savior (according to God's Word in the Holy Bible.) I am not a member of any 'religious' denomination. And oh how I hate being labeled religious. I'm a Christian--only a person trying to follow Jesus' teachings according to how I...
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    I hear whispers of tree-felling once more

    One day, years ago, while sitting with my stepfather at his kitchen table, the kitchen door open to the outside windy day, I could hear the loud rustling of wind blown leaves in a tall tree nearby outside. I just loved the sound, so alive, so uplifting. I mentioned this to my stepfather, he...
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    Can watching the news be harmful?

    I grit my teeth, turn on a news channel, hear one sided views, get disgusted, also get T-d off that citizens of other nations are hearing it & don't research whether what they hear is authentic, or not. Nothing to do but watch the black n white old Andy Griffith show. :D
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    I hear whispers of tree-felling once more

    Back of landlord owned house next door were trees sky high lining the parking lot--don't know the kind. Each year I would trim off little sprouts of branches from their low trunks to prevent these baby branches growing out over the back of my driveway. From one large tree a long large branch...
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    Wanting all our own way,....., is this ubiquitous?

    "....quality of the contact that leading to it stopping,..."? Was there a signed contract by both mother and father of just what that "quality" is to be? Did the child tell her mother of the activities done with her father (that daughter enjoyed?), but mother resented her having enjoyed doing...
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    What's a sound that makes you cringe?

    Biden or Trump? M. Harris......aaaaaa?
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    "I hate you", "You are horrible"! (yes another thread on family law)

    If any man holding the swaddled baby asks, "Who's the mother, where is she," and gets no info, wouldn't the majority of those men make a point of finding her?
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    Wanting all our own way,....., is this ubiquitous?

    Back when I and my two preschool children lived in my parents little apartment in their basement built by them for us, upstairs my step-father and I argued over some dumb issue. I chose then to take my son by his arm and we headed for the basement. Stepfather grabbed my son's other arm and...
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    "I hate you", "You are horrible"! (yes another thread on family law)

    I very often for hours took care of my grandson each day while his parents worked. I think he was around 8 when I verbally disciplined him and he responded, looking sadly frustrated, "I hate you." And I said, "It's okay, you have a right to feel any way you feel, even if you say you hate me."...
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    Old Lady Facial Hair

    I use an electric shaver to shave those chin & upper lip whiskers when they sprout. Used to pluck them, but grasping them with tweezers became too difficult, even if I used a little spotlight on them--hands too shaky. I once asked my youngest daughter to pluck any she sees if I'm in the...
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    What chores did you have while growing up at various ages?

    Sister & I occasionally argued over who's turn it was to wash dinner dishes and who's turn is was to towel dry them. She & I cleaned our apartment home & one day Mother told me my sister cleaned faster but I cleaned better. :D .
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    With caution I’d like express an observation.

    More people out of the dark age of not having learned that homosexuality is possibly a neurological brain mess up, that it does not affect one's intelligence, but does mess up the afflicted's gender identity, doesn't mean fulfilling homosexual sexual acts are not abnormal, acceptable to be...
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    Britain Really is an Island Today!

    USA doesn't need any other new virus coming into it by any passage way from other nations' peoples, it's gonna find its way here in its own sneaky way anyway. :(
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    Thoughts about aging

    I'm 84 years old. I've had an un-healable neurological disorder call Essential Tremor (shaking) since age 8- 9 years old which, over the years, has worsened and spread throughout my whole body, starting first in my hands and head. In my teenage years I thought I'd become a flight attendant, I...