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    The Gotthard Base Tunnel

    Always a pleasure. Did he get that other stuff I made? Anything he needs or wants just let me know and tell him I said notch 8. BTW: Ask him for me if he ever saw those now long gone refurbed GE AC6000CW's
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    Sordid Movies

    WOW!!! That's like waaaaaaay North of even forty deuce street. So it took place on the Upper West Side. Thnx Pep.
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    Good deal or not? A 65-inch TV for $400?

    I loved Verizon until they decided to become customer un-friendly and outsource their customer service centers. One caveat about service calls is you need to record the serial numbers on all in place equipment then check the numbers on the replacement components. That's right OED. Sometimes I...
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    Sordid Movies

    The original was my favorite too. I believe it was supposed to have taken place in either Chelsea or Hells Kitchen which the Westies were supposed to hang out. I don't know who said this but they were supposed to be so unpredictable that they even made the mafioso uneasy. Anyway sometimes...
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    Are you sure? U R Welcome
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    The Gotthard Base Tunnel

    It is fast, much faster then AMTRAK but not as fast as the CR400BF which is not faster then the KTX which is not faster then the TGV which once held the world record of 575 whatever that comes to. Unfortunately my calculator doesn't do metric but that doesn't mean it's a bad calculator. It just...
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    Is anybody in a new relationship?

    You know what needs to be said. Love don't pay my rent, my job does so get stepping fool.
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    Alaska Airways Flight 66 Hits Bear While Landing At Yakutat Airport

    OOPS Here ya go I only use his site because it is consistent and he sets no time out or refresh disconnects.
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    Good deal or not? A 65-inch TV for $400?

    Don M. you are truly a blessed man to have fiber optic cable TV service. The one bone I'd like to pick with the existing cable TV networks is why no fiber optic cable platforms when the global undersea fiber optic cabling structure has been in place for who knows how long. That's like a...
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    The Gotthard Base Tunnel
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    Before there were seatbelts.

    Smart bear
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    The Gotthard Base Tunnel

    Congress and their various string pullers have already jerked America around for half a century on the seemingly unattainable high speed rail dream. Their latest scam has been announced by their shills the newest criminal enterprise known as...
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    Military Satellite Wars?

    Probably easier to take out the enemies satellites but that would only be successful if you're going to preempt them or if they preempt us we could only hope that our defense/offense platforms could weed out every decoy then destroy every MIRV within 30 minutes to retaliate effectively. Less if...
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    Good deal or not? A 65-inch TV for $400?
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    Good deal or not? A 65-inch TV for $400?

    Don M: LED has pretty much replaced plasma and LCD. If you're going to upgrade make sure you get a 100% LED screen as they still are pushing legacy LED/LCD hybrids.