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    Flying Scotsman

    Love old Trains. Thanks for sharing.
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    Who likes sushi?

    My first introduction to Sashimi was back in the 60's, along with other different foods like Kimchi and Kelaguen. Ate a lot of Kimchi in High School because my best friend's Mom made the best on the Island. Kelaguen is my favorite and I experiment with the peppers used. Rice has been my go to...
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    How far away do you live from the place you were born?

    Born in Augusta, Georgia and now live in Nashville, Tennessee about 400 miles away. Close enough for the foods I grew up with are easily available, stores sell Moon Pies and RC Cola and Grits are on the menu at our local breakfast places. :)
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    What type of meals did you grow up on?

    A): Southern cooking till we moved to Hawaii, then Mom threw in Oriental items. Sunday nights we had TV dinners served on those metal TV trays while we watched 'Bonanza' in front of the TV.
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    i love baseball

    Watched almost every pitch of the College Baseball regionals, Super Regionals and then every pitch of the College baseball World Series. Our local University played in the Series and came up one game short. We plan to take a trip back to Omaha next year for the Series. It really is " The...
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    What's your favorite movie quote?

    " I Never Had Any Friends Later On Like The Ones I Had When I Was Twelve. Jesus, Does Anyone? "
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    Who wore saddle oxfords in high school

    Mowed grass around the neighborhood while in 8th grade to get a pair of 'Bass Weejuns' loafers! Thought they made me look COOL, like the guys in High School and the college kids I knew. They are still available and I might just get another pair. ( looking at the Larson Weejuns Burgundy ones )
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    What are you doing today?

    Update on the Backgammon scheduled for this evening. In a weather delay; rain and moved things inside. While I'm getting things set up, poured a couple of 'fingers' of a Blended Scotch I received as a Christmas present last year. Poured over my steel ice cubes and can say it is very good for a...
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    What are you doing today?

    Wife and I will probably head outside tonight for a few games of Backgammon. I have been working on my opening moves after reading another experts take on the game, so SHE IS DOOMED! What will really happen is she will win again, smile and say " you just try too hard ". Much like that famous...
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    "The end justifies the means",....., discuss!

    Not sure either, but it sure sounded Highbrowed!
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    "The end justifies the means",....., discuss!

    Are Footnotes required ? What about Veiled quotes ? I'm also worried about the use of a 'Curve'...
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    Of The Major Cities You Have Visited, Which Would Go Want (Or Not Want) To Go Back To And Why?

    We would find our way back to London for a visit, walk the city again and look up old friends and get a 'proper pint'. Heraklion, Crete to enjoy the beaches, food and visit the Palace of Knossos again. ( did I mention the food ? ; every meal was an adventure :)) Berlin, Germany - Last time I...