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    What have you bought recently?

    I went on line to buy three extra long t-shirts for about $25. The final total was $58+. I looked at the bill and they wanted $18 for shipping. Needless to say I cancelled. I buy online groceries from Walmart and Amazon and always make sure I spend enough for free shipping. I don't trust on line...
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    C'mon in. Put your feet up. Sit a spell.
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    When to stop buying presents for grandchildren

    And you get what from them? Dare I ask.
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    Tortilla Soup

    Million ways to make tortilla soup. Off the subject I stopped in to a hole in the wall place in a mini mall last Saturday and there was an elderly lady washing dishes so I had to wait for her for a few minutes. She came up to the register and I ordered threes fajita tacos. Instantly when biting...
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    2021 - How's the Weather Where You Are

    August is the month you attempt to get out of your chair and it is stuck to you.
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    Jerry Lee Lewis 85th Birthday Celebration

    It was said a long time ago "That immoral heathen will never live long going at the pace he's going." Thankfully all those that believed that are dead. Rock on Killer!
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    Science Fiction Inspirations...

    I never liked or watched Star Trek because it was way too phony and the "aliens" make up or costumes were on the level of a 5th grade school play. Any sci-fi show with cheap looking monsters and laughable dialogues were unwatchable to me.
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    Wonderful Potatoes!!

    Baked then refrigerated over night. In the morning slice one with the skin still on and fried in butter or bacon fat with sliced onions, salt & pepper. Second choice would be twice baked potatoes.
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    Tough to Learn How to Use an All in One Windows 10 PC

    Since it is a new one look for a section that you can install Windows 7 or in your case 8. I have a method installed in my Dell that allows me to go back to 7. Also you can call Dell directly with any info you might need.
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    21,000 New Cases In One Day in "No Masks" Florida

    What are the most common words spoken in our hospitals now? "I wish I would have gotten the vaccine."
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    21,000 New Cases In One Day in "No Masks" Florida

    The casket makers and funeral parlors all over the world are getting rich on a hoax.
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    Name Some Pet Peeves You Had With Your Working Life

    Mine regardless of which job I had was people that only cared about getting paid. I used to get very upset about those people and often had some real juicy confrontations.
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    41% Of Workers Globally Are Considering Quitting Their Job

    Don't 41% of workers always think about quitting their jobs?
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    Are you "languishing?"

    Is languishing the same s loafing? If so, I'm all in.
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    Non citizens voting !?

    We should ban all Americans from voting in our elections and replace their votes with those of people in communist countries. After all they have never had the chance to vote.