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    Candid Camera Classic

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    10 Highest Paid Athletes

    I would have never guessed Conor McGregor would be tops but most of these monies are from endorsements Here's a rundown of the top 10 athletes and their calculated earnings. Conor McGregor – MMA- $180 million Lionel Messi – socccer – $130 million Cristiano Ronaldo – socccer – $120 million Dak...
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    Irritated with Microsoft crap right now.

    Try searching youtube
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    Changed My Email Password And Noe Flooded With Junk

    I believed my email password was hacked after seeing a few junk emails so I changed my password last night. This morning again only a few showed up but just now there were about 30 junk mails. I'll call my email tomorrow but I think it may be too late.
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    For fully vaccinated folks out there.

    I don't carry a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in my truck anymore and got a haircut
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    Vanilla covered in hot chocolate and salted peanuts. We called it Hot Tin Roofs.
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    Is poker a sport? Chess? Racing cars?

    Sports require a connection between the mind and the body for a limited time. One can play board games in to their nineties, not so in sports.
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    Federal Indictments of George Floyd's killers

    Jesus banged a whore.
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    Some Chinese are producing capsules filled with... (you're not gonna believe this)...

    Isn't it odd something of this magnitude never appeared on any of the major media outlets???????? Maybe the Lizard People now are in control of our media.
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    Federal Indictments of George Floyd's killers

    George Floyd was a jobless drug pusher and user, a convicted criminal.
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    Do you agree that all psychological suffering is self inflicted

    All clinical psychiatrists please step forward and add you take.
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    The Recycling Of Plastics On PBS Tonight

    Great! Not a single interested person.
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    Florida Principal Who Paddled Girl, 6, Was in the Right: Authorities

    Anyone that says traveling back in time is impossible should move to Florida.
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    The Recycling Of Plastics On PBS Tonight

    Check you local listing for time but it on this day Tuesday 5/11. Learn how monstrous this is and how little we actually recycle.
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    The oil distributor has not agree to pay the ransom money yet.