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    My sister passed away yesterday....

    Condolences to you and your family. Very sorry for your loss.
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    Sad Thanksgiving.....

    Sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences. Yes, keeping your Mom at home was a beautiful thing you did. Take Care.
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    On the wall....

    Well I guess the music room is where I spend most of my time. So there we have many pictures of friends, family, and some pictures from work. Plus there's other do-dads n' knick-knacks, and many posters of musicians that I admire.
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    I Am About To Get a Slice of My Birthday Pie

    Happy Belated Birthday Pecos.. 🥳
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    Simple small-batch roll/biscuit/muffin recipe.

    This looks like a fun recipe, thanks for posting it.
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    Simple small-batch roll/biscuit/muffin recipe.

    I think that's short for, all-purpose flour.
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    Grocery shopping online - have you tried it?

    We've been using it for a couple of months now and really like it. We have pretty much the same options as terry123 writes about in the post above me.
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    Caption the Photo

    "Don't forget to put it in park and set the brake before you leave .."
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    What odd and strange questions do you have?

    Nope, I'm six feet, two inches tall & weigh 190 pounds. But I still suck in my tummy, I guess that's just me being me .. 🙃 (Thanks for the laugh!)
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    What odd and strange questions do you have?

    Why do I always suck in my belly when I weigh myself? :unsure:
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    Caption this photo.

    Aw, life is good ..
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    Caption this photo!

    Boy, I'll be happy when I can finally fly instead of having to walk all the time..
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    The Most Boring

    oops, already mentioned in another post.
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    Record Club Of America

    We had a little bit that we did back in the day when our band was still playing gigs. About halfway through we would stop the music, and I would make an announcement that I had just finished sighing a great record deal.. 🥳!! Then after the 'dramatic pause,' I would go on to say something...
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    Caption This Photo

    I'll hold these boards while you nail them .. ;)