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    "My Family's Slave"

    Wow. Thanks for sharing.
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    Oklahoma girl threatens to shoot 400 people

    Her co-worker is a hero.
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    And I look a whole lot better....(y)
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    rpg you may be right. I'm the youngest of eight and I see signs of dementia in my oldest siblings (don't tell them I said that). They are both healthy and active and have more prevention information. It's OK. I've decided by the time I get it maybe I can have a robot caregiver who will answer...
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    Don, my mother lived to be 96 and her physical health was great! She didn't do anything special but we did have home cooked meals that were balanced. We had one car so we walked to town most times for groceries, events, visiting. No fad diets, just don't eat too much, especially desserts...
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    Yes Happyflowerlady! The common denominator always ends up lots of veggies on any of them (except carnivore) and fruits (except carnivore and keto :rolleyes:). I'm sure a lot of people are weeding through it all and coming around to what works for them. In fact some posters have recently told...
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    Made the perfect bruschetta!

    That looks delicious! I'm hungry now.
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    Annie, I have settled on a version of the Mind diet. I've been eating close to a Mediterranean diet for a long time. Alzheimer's runs in my family so I definitely took notice of the Mind diet. I'm still not eating refined sugar or much bread but definitely beans and complex carbs. I started that...
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    Treeguy I have read many of your posts and am sure you're cooking is awesome! My husband keeps a small organic garden and I've made a lot of noodle dishes with the yellow squash. I have a hand tool to make the noodles. I use the "guts" in smoothies. It makes them creamy. The sauce is usually...
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    Fall in New England

    I grew up in New England. I miss the fall. I'm thinking of fresh apples, coffee, cheddar cheese, and Apple cider donuts.
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    My Search For the Fountain of Youth

    I've always been interested in health and nutrition. I think if I wasn't hearlady I would be dieticianlady. However the last 6 months or so I really delved into the vast world of the YouTube "experts". I looked at Veganism ( autocorrect had fun with that word), Keto/low carb, intermittent...
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    Are you open to something outside the box?
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    My kid brother had a heart attack last night.

    Sorry. I hope he does well.
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    Who does yoga?

    Yes! I do a yoga routine at least a couple times a week for balance and flexibility. Try not doing it for a while and then go back to it and you'll know it works. I've done it for years, mainly the same routine.
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    Posters I have made. Some cute, some not even up to ugly.

    I just read through them all Gary. It was fun!