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    Caption this...

    "I TOLD you these tuxedo pants are too tight! We're never going to make it to the wedding on time!"
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    How Well Do You Know Your Bladder?

    I know my bladder well enough to obey when it tells me to start heading to the bathroom.......or pay the consequences....
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    Are you working on any meaningless tasks?

    Well, there's cooking......they just get hungry again. Over and over. Oh, the humanity! And those dishes? They don't seem to be capable of keeping themselves clean. Don't even get me started on the subject of laundry and dusting.....
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    New Disney Channel gives warning:

    Heck, he thought she was dead. I'm surprised they're not accusing him of necrophilia.
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    News clipping from The NY Daily Mirror 1950

    Yep, "Mother's Little Helper", a brand of tonic heavy on the laudanum and alcohol, was an all-round solution to household difficulties. Kids acting up, won't take a nap? A couple spoonfuls of MLH and those little imps are off to the land of Nod. And then Mom could have a hefty slug of it...
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    Publix's Black Jack Cherry. Yum.
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    News clipping from The NY Daily Mirror 1950

    And of course up into the 1900's, any time a woman "got out of hand" (which would include things like having an opinion, wanting equal rights, wanting to control her own money, and other things that were considered 'unwomanly'), it was blamed on "hysteria". And what was the solution for...
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    I had undiagnosed dyslexia as a child. I simply could not figure out how to put those letters together. Nothing made sense, so I compensated by memorizing everything. I was a marvel at memorizing. I made it all the way to the third grade without effectively being able to read. Early in the...
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    What is the cutest or most touching gift you ever received?

    My granddaughter once gave me a "necklace" with a roll of Scotch tape on it. Because " You can't ever find the tape, Meemaw. "
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    Could you walk this? Longest pedestrian bridge just opened and it's frightening

    Yep, I'd do it. There are only a few "daredevil" things I can do now and that would be one of them.
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    Is it selfish of me to want to receive cards or gifts for my birthday and Mother’s Day?

    Yes, you have every right to be upset. I'd be upset, too.
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    Kim Jong-Un planning to Escape from North Korea

    It wouldn't surprise me if the little turd is planning his exit strategy. He has many enemies right there in his inner sanctum who are just waiting for the opportunity to make kimchi out of him before he makes bulgogi out of the rest of the nation.
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    For fully vaccinated folks out there.

    I've been to an art festival, an outdoor party and have eaten a couple of times in a restaurant. It was heaven!
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    Mothers Day Gifts.....

    All mothers are fortune tellers......"keep that up, young man, and you're going to lose a hand, I guarantee it!....."
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    Will you marry me?

    A mutual friend thought we might be compatible, so she told him to write to me. He was on the west coast in a military language school and I was in college on the east coast. We exchanged letters and planned to meet when he was home on leave. We had two dates, there were no "fireworks" and...