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    What do you want for Christmas?

    A hug would be nice.
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    Fairy stories or other short stories we remember from childhood

    Peter, Snow White, Babes in the Wood, Hansel and Gretel. There are so many.
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    Giant WWII Bomb Explodes During Defusing

    I worked on Tallboy when I first joined, and its big sister, the ten Ron Grand Slam! Both brainchild of Batnes Wallis of bouncing bomb fame. When First designed they found it would topple and turn end over end as it went through the sound barrier and the fins were slightly offset to spin it...
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    the metric system... should it be universal?

    Certainly not! Why should the rest of the world be interested in the distance between the tip of Napoleon's nose and his fingertip?
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    Your Wardrobe

    I live alone and I am normally in a wheelchair when I go out. I don't drive. I regularly turnover everything in my wardrobe. I've got 3 or 4 silk brocade waistcoat which are regularly worn. I've got a couple of dozen silk ties. A dozen jackets in slacks,2 or 3 suits and drawers full of...
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    Oddest Given Name Of Any Of Your Acquaintances

    I read that at the Bodleian Library in the Tolkien translation. a bit off topic but I know that many of you are interested in these things. The definitive translation is held to be by Lady Charlotte Guest in the 19 th century. She was the wife of a Welsh ironmaster who, like all such...
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    Oddest Given Name Of Any Of Your Acquaintances

    My First name is Morddwyd (more thoo id), which first appears in 1315 in an a Welsh epic called "The Mabinogopn."He is known as "The Slayer of the Irish"! It nan also mean "The Thigh Stone", but I was named after the warrior. I suppose some would think that a bit odd!
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    Wal Mart Sells Majority Stake in British Supermarket

    Wal Mart is selling its majority stake in Asda, one of our big five, though retaining an interest. Coronavirus slimming down?
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    UFO Over N.J. Slows and Stops Traffic

    I saw a UFO once. It was a large black bird and I didn't know if it was a Crow or a rook!
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    Let's post a thread about something completely stupid (and see how many respond)!

    There are those who already believe this about some of the threads!
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    I have a few "ists" in my budget. Dentist, cardiologist, podiatrist, and the list goes on.

    All free for me, along with physiotherapist, phlebotomist, pharmacist, optometrist, and a couple of other therapists, though not psychiatrist (yet!).
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    what didn't kill you...

    Masturbation, despite dire warnings from teachers and ministers!
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    Would you choose to be immortal if offered the chance to be?

    I gotta get new glasses. I thought it said "immoral" and I was all for it!
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    Samsung's New Phone Costs $2K. Would you pay 2,000 for a phone?

    I've just bought one last week for $1700. Fits in a shirt pocket but doesn't fold.