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    First Airline Trip Since COVID

    In a few days I'll be taking my first flight since COVID was declared a pandemic. It's a domestic trip, for business. I'm curious to see how things have changed. I have a few international trips scheduled for later this year (October and November) but I wouldn't be surprised if they get canceled.
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    Mail-Order Pharmacies

    I get my meds thru Express Scripts. Automatic refills, 3 month supplies. So far, so good.
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    Do you find yourself with less energy than you're used to ?

    Hollydolly, this is EXACTLY how I feel. We're the same age so maybe it's just a function of getting a tad older? I understand completely.
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    Boycott Chinese products, Are you apathetic? Wake up!

    I try the best I can to buy products made in certain countries and stay away from things made in China. It's difficult and sometimes even impossible. But I won't give up. And this extends to the food I buy. I don't purchase much in the way of canned or pre-packaged foods but when I do, I read...
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    Anyone Schedule for the Vaccine this Week?

    Getting my second dose tomorrow (Wednesday). I did some grocery shopping today so I don't have to go out for a few days if I don't feel well afterwards.
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    She's Worth 5.3 Million But Eats Cat Food To Save Money

    I know a man who is very wealthy. Only he knows the value of all of his investments but they are well into the tens of millions. There is nothing flashy about him, nothing to suggest he has significant means. He lives in a modest apartment that has largely been furnished with second and...
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    Got An Appointment For Covid-19 Vaccine

    I was able to get an appointment for February 9th for the first shot. I thought it would be later than that so I'm grateful.
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    Who are currently employed?

    Wow, that's impressive. What type of work do you do?
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    Help! Assessing options for aging-in-place.

    I have a ranch home with a walk-out basement. The washer and dryer are downstairs so the steps will eventually become an issue for me. My house is in a rural location. I purchased it 7 years ago with the intent of making it my 'forever home'. It needed so much work when I bought it, more than I...
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    Who are currently employed?

    I work on a contracting basis but I think this year will be the last. I formally retired in 2015 but have been working part-time since then. I've enjoyed most of it but now I just want to be free of any demands other than those that are self-imposed.
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    How much do you spend on dining out a year?

    I spend very little eating out, even prior to the pandemic. I cook almost everything from scratch. It's healthier, less expensive and I get to come up with my own recipes. Most are excellent but there is a dud once in a while 🤭
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    Rent out house? Housesitter?

    I have given thought to traveling up to a year at a time but am worried about leaving my house vacant for a long period. For me, the best option right now is to travel for a month and then come home and see how I feel.
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    When You Have Only A Short Time To Live

    Sadly, my friend's husband died on Christmas night. It was his fondest wish that they have one last Christmas together. He died peacefully, without pain, holding the hand of the woman he loved and was married to for over 50 years.
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    Finding Love in the Era of Covid

    I am all for love and romance but I have to agree with you, Radish Rose, about not having a good feeling about this. My daughter (38 yrs old) always reminds me that we are all the product of the decisions we make. Frank, I wish you luck and I hope you find everlasting love someday. Just be...
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    Finding Love in the Era of Covid

    I would be very curious as to why a guy I was dating would want to move in with me a month after we started seeing one another. In your case, I don't understand Michelle's rush. And if she did move in with you, would she quickly push to get married? This has red flags all around it. How much do...