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    Is Retirement All It's Cracked Up To Be?

    We sold our business and retired going on 5 years ago. For us, the limbo lasted a few months and after two years we were completely relaxed and oh so happy. We have acreage and lots of projects to keep us busy though. Think half of getting used to retirement is the loosening of the "harness"...
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    Are you working on any meaningless tasks?

    Personally I'm not good at "repetition"...over and over again, mindless things...too creative I guess. Didn't think we would live long enough to get the 8 acres mowed around the house, Jim not liking to spend his days on a tractor, it was like being in the navy, bout the time you finish painting...
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    Members Funny Pictures

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    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day, Good Night, Etc. #4

    Good morning to all...may we all bloom today!
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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

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    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day, Good Night, Etc. #4

    Good morning everyone...can smell the coffee brewing!
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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

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    The Kentucky Derby

    I don't thing so rgp...of course anyone can sue for anything, but don't think they have bupkas chance of wining...the rule have probably been etched in stone for many years on drug usage. Wonder what the stable camera's will show, though.
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    For fully vaccinated folks out there.

    Amen, StarSong...ditto for us, four of us went at the same times to get the shots and we all breathed a sigh of relief afterwards...son and wife have been down to stay for days and days and he's coming back again today (they live in Ohio) so its been fantastic. Its like you got your normal...
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    The Kentucky Derby

    As we understand it, if they won bucks on the race they get to keep it. Say la ve for those who didn't.
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    Before anyone else takes the shot

    Think is aggravates those that have a fear of needles to keep seeing these "jabbing" shot pix over and over again on the news. It is an added bonus to hear of those "long haulers" getting symptomatic relief from the vaccine. Got a good friend who has the fatigue and other issues, so hopefully...