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    Who Won't Opt For The Vaccine

    Sounds like they are trying to ramp up the"awareness" timeline for installing the new software...squeaky wheel usually gets the grease!
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    Mr. Ed seeking advice

    Very well said Gaer...found out if I stand beside a tree...especially the large old trees, for minutes the sweet blanket of quiet nature opens up a type of energy vortex where it is possible to become aware of the subtle energies of the earth. To me, that's what the higher dimensions are...
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    Our version of retirement: Living a childhood dream

    Know what you mean Gary, about the deciduous trees...we have acres of them and so love the views from the house - the "4 season" views, unlike the basic evergreens and palm trees. Its wonderful!
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    What are you doing today?

    Went grocery shopping...brought in all the outdoor plants and covered up the tender outdoor ones...a freeze forecast for tonight. That's enough. Will do our 3 or 4 mile walk later.
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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

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    Who Won't Opt For The Vaccine

    Recent article from Dr. Fauci on the vaccine safety:
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    Who Won't Opt For The Vaccine

    This is an interesting article from Yale regarding the vaccine issues:
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    People that ignore, interrupt or talk over you during conversation

    What I notice is people that seem to interrupt because they "think they know what you are going to say" when you are halfway through a sentence. Its like they are so impatient they want to finish "your" thought for you!
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    Is SF being spammed?

    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't chasing you.
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    Cottage cheese, what can you do with it?

    Love cottage cheese and applesauce...also great to make "dilly bread" with - a no knead casserole bread.
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    Who Won't Opt For The Vaccine

    My friend from WHO says the vaccines are like winning the lottery for the makers. Its the "mother load".Of course, that doesn't mean we shouldn't take them - just because big Pharma makes a lot of dough. Think looking at the cautions on the vaccine sign sheet may tell us some things. For...
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    When the virus dies, what kind of world will be left, after the onslought?

    If "all is one" then there is no Satan...only a name for the the dark side of energy that needs to be brought back into the whole. Think when we get some more grey cells we'd be able to understand more, so until then, the belief mantra is "by faith"...that propels us onward and upward.