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    The Dirty Secret About Women's Retirement

    80% of married men die married , 80% of married women die alone . Women Better know what is going on or they can be prime candidates for poor advice . My wife lost her first husband ...she had no idea about any of the investments her husband dropped in her lap . So she went to the person she...
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    What Do You Think of the Motley Fool?

    meh , i dont even bother reading their posts after posts ...
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    Has Anyone Invested in Digital Currency (Bitcoin, etc.)

    I dabble in gbtc but only quick short term trades , nothing serious ...when crypto has a 5000 year history like gold then I will look at it as a permanent asset component
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    Here's how much the covid-19 stimulus will cost you.

    ..he said his secretary paid a higher tax rate ..big difference in statements . buffets income is lower capital gains rates for a lot of it which may have been a lower rate back then but not anymore ...the amount in dollars Buffett likely pays is many times what his secretary pays in taxes ...
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    My Franklin Fund Investment Took a Big Hit in February

    Dividend or not is irrelevant, if the total return is lagging it is is no different then pulling money out of a portfolio of non div payers in a down year and going at least I am getting income
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    My Franklin Fund Investment Took a Big Hit in February

    Until there is nothing left to reduce and expenses keep rising is not a replacement for the other ....that is why Wall Street reports both earnings and revenue ....profits can be increased by cutting costs ....but there is a bottom.....then you need more income
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    My Franklin Fund Investment Took a Big Hit in February

    If it is a bond fund , fixed income is getting hammered by rising rates
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    Pay Off Loan or Not

    Never leave yourself house rich and cash poor ...a house is a one way funnel ...all that extra money you pump in can’t come out without costly loans . you cannot even count on those loans ,as 2008 saw helocs closed also need the same criteria for a heloc as a mortgage . having liquid...
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    Myths on this forum

    My wife and I needed to be on Xarelto for covid when we left the hospital ..our part D had a 500 dollar copay on that drug or others like it ...I asked the hospital what else we can try and lo and behold they came up with coupons for us to get it free from the hospital pharmacy
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    Myths on this forum

    There is crime and fraud in every aspect of our life .but that is not normally the way it goes. you hear these stories all the time about going out of net work ..but if a doctor is not taking Medicare he is not taking Medicare regardless what you have
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    Myths on this forum

    Could be but likely more myth than anything else ..the internet is filled with these stories and odds are they are just made up or someone just did not pay attention that the doctor does not take medicare ...that is not an advantage plan problem ...the same is true for govt Medicare if the...
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    Myths on this forum

    If they are not accepting Medicare at all they usually tell you that up front....very few do not accept Medicare I ran in to it once .but they needed to make that clear up front . hospitals tend to not let these doctors near seniors who tend to have Medicare would be unethical... I bet if...
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    Myths on this forum

    As blue cross says about their advantage plans When a provider in our service area sees a Medicare member from another plan, they are considered non-network. However, they are treated as a Medicare participating provider. CMS requires Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to pay non-network providers...
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    WHO now says Coronavirus did not come from China

    The Who and cdc have been so wrong about so much I believe nothing they tell us
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    Four people in Oregon who received both doses of vaccine

    The vaccines are not 100% but what they do is make the odds of getting seriously sick or hospitalized very slim getting the virus may be no worse than getting a cold. that is where the vaccines value is , not in stopping the virus 100% but in making it no worse than the symptoms of a cold...