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    Best Chat Room for the Elderly

    We have discussed this, no chat rooms will be added here. No forums can make an active chat room, even in the prime time of forums.
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    I posted a current event that was ruled political

    The posts I removed recently are VERY political, you basically talk about anyone or any events without any restrictions. Don't play dumb with me, OK?
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    Need suggestions on Searching for old threads

    The Google custom search is more helpful when searching for old threads. It disappeared unexpectedly when adding the dark style, just added it back. I also had difficulties locating old threads, I always wanted to put together a list of good threads, a few good ones for each topic, members can...
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    Including pictures in post

    Now you should be able to post pictures. Welcome to SF.
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    Hi i am new

    There are different levels of restrictions. Uploading pictures is very basic and can be gained easily; using signatures requires more effort.
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    Hi i am new

    Welcome to the forums, Michele! :) A new member needs to register for 24 hours and make 2 posts before uploading pictures. We had spammers posting very nasty pictures right after registration, some kind of restriction is necessary.
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    Over 70 And Living Alone.......

    There is a "report" link below each conversation message, report it if you receive an inappropriate one, like reporting a forum post.
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    Shades of Blue or Grey for Xenforo software

    Fixed, thanks for the heads-up.
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    Shades of Blue or Grey for Xenforo software

    Installed it, you can switch your style by clicking on the left bottom corner. The Google search box looks strange, I may not be able to make it look good on both styles.
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    Shades of Blue or Grey for Xenforo software

    It's a 3rd-party product, the problem with 3rd-party products is that our forum will rely on them in the future, hard to make changes, and if they stop updating, we will be stuck in the past. I only use official addons since a long time ago. How about this one...
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    Any Easy Way to Transfer my Bookmarks/Favorites to New Computer?

    Go to "Settings -> Sync“, you can register an account, Firefox will save your logins, bookmarks and other personal settings on their server. On a new computer Firefox will restore your settings after you login.
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    I have stopped getting notifications

    Please read this thread for possible solutions. Google blocked some of our emails recently. Several years ago, when a member couldn't receive our emails, I would contact their ISP to have the block removed. They all responded quickly. But in the past few years they don't seem to care any more...
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    Do we need a "Religion" category?

    Thanks for your suggestions! Most religion topics should be posted in "Current News & Hot Topics", maybe some can be light-hearted? If you see a heated religion discussion in GD, please report it, I will move it to Hot Topics. Most religion discussions don't end well, I don't want to create a...
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    Is there a possibility of a dedicated subforum or thread title for member issues, ie: Illness, relocation, missing in action, etc

    Thanks for your suggestions! General discussion (GD) is a good place to post threads like this, usually we only create new forums for topics with enough activities. You can use the "New Posts" link to browse all unread discussions.
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    Not sure what you mean, but your email address is private and safe. If you are referring to...

    Not sure what you mean, but your email address is private and safe. If you are referring to forum notification emails, they are sent from the forum server, not from other members.