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    Indian Variant in Lancashire

    Bad news! Mike.
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    For fully vaccinated folks out there.

    Carried on staying at home except for shopping! The applied restrictions are for all to observe, there is no leeway for those who are fully vaccinated, until next Monday when everything is open as it used to be. Unfortunately there has been an upsurge of cases of the Indian Variant of the...
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    In the 1990s I did some work at a sewage/water treatment works in South London, they had their own power station on site and they ran the diesel motors on the alternators with a mixture of 75% methane and 25% diesel, they had to use some diesel for the oil content to lubricate the pistons, the...
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    Italian woman mistakenly given 6 shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine

    I really cannot open the link for the reasons stated Becky, see the image below. It does say the European Economic Area, which we have left now. Mike.
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    Italian woman mistakenly given 6 shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine

    When I made the "Spoof" statement Becky, it was with tongue in cheek, yes I believe it and yes I have checked and there are many as you say, I apologise for being flippant. Mike. :oops:
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    My Grandson, son of my dyslexic son when he started school, he wrote his name "Mirror Fashion". Mike.
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    Where should this be posted? What causes it? Genetics, I am fairly well-educated, yet my son suffers from it. Inattention at school and not listening to teachers? Peer pressure or bullying, ridicule again at school? Terror, nightmares, belief in horror stories? Medical, something that went...
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    Italian woman mistakenly given 6 shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine

    Your link doesn't allow European visitors! Maybe it is a spoof and they don't want any Italians arguing the fact. But it is a sad situation and it probably is true, so how could such a mistake happen, the training would point out that there are six doses in each little bottle. Mike.
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    I really don't know very much about some things and it shows! Thank you for all of your explanations. Mike.
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    Many older people get "Water Retention", mostly seen in women because men wear long trousers, but you see some with swollen ankles, this I believe is water, I wonder if the occasional over indulgence of alcohol would help in those situations! Mike.
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    I didn't know that it is a diuretic Keesha, that is interesting. Mike.
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    Massive Amounts Of Weapons Seized

    Give them to the Yemen, they need help against the Saudi Arabians. Mike.
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    We are told to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated, some say to drink water, others say any fluid will be OK, yet, alcohol causes dehydration and the more that you drink, the more dehydrated you get, the average amount in most drinks is between 4% and 12%, unless you drink neat spirits...
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    A long time ago a friend, who answered the telephone for a local taxi company lost her job, I didn't know this at the time, but when she walked into the bar where we all met, I asked her, "what happened to Len's Taxis"? She replied "he got liquidised"! Mike.
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    Chinese rocket coming down!

    Above the ocean Pappy. Mike.