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    Today in History

    1853 U.S Marine Hosptial at Presido in San Francisco opens 1924 Metro Pictures,Goldwyn&Louis B.Mayer Co merge to become MetroGoldwyn Mayer{MGM} movie studio 1961 1,400 Cuban exiles landed in Bay of Pigs in a failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro 1986 author Larry McMurtry wins Pulitzer Prize...
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    Happy Birthday debodun

    Happy Birthday,Debodun,hope you have a wonderful day with family&friends if possible
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    Happy Birthday hollydolly!

    Happy Birthday Holly,enjoy your special day with hubby&friends if possible Sue
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    2021 - How's the Weather Where You Are

    Its been a cloudy/cool day here in Buffalo,temps in the low 40's
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    Hey y'all, thought I'd give this place a try.

    Hi Alligatorob,welcome aboard,glad you found us Congrats on losing the weight,I'm sure you feel alot better Ck out the 'retirement section' on the website,posters there can give you advice You'll meet wonderful group of members from around the world here at SF which makes this forum unique Sue...
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    New Here

    Hi Lianne,welcome,glad you found us You'll meet wonderful group of members from around the world here at SF Enjoy yourself,look forward to your future posts Sue in Buffalo,NY
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    Today in History

    1705 Queen Anne of England knights Isaac Newton at Trinity College, Cambridge 1900 U.S. Post Office issues 1st books of postage stamps 1945 Colditz Castle,a high security prisoner of war camp in Germany is liberated by American troops 2003 The Treaty of Accession is signed in Athens,admits 10...
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    Hi. So how do folks get acquainted around here?

    Hi Bruce,welcome glad you found us I'm sorry you are going through this personal situation, there are married members here at SF that can give you their advise I wish you best of luck with it You'll meet wonderful group of people here at SF from around the world which make it a unique forum...
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    Social Security SCAM

    I got that call yesterday as well,I usually don't pick up the phone if I don't recognize the # but didin't have my glasses on. Its too bad some people actually believe this scam
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    Today in History

    1850 city of San Francisco is incorporated 1878 Harley Proctor introduces Ivory Soap 1955 Ray Kroc opens 1st McDonald's fast food restaurant in Des PLaines,Ill 1964 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel opens,its considered one of the world's longest bridge tunnel complex spanning 17.6 miles connecting...
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    debut of TV shows

    April 15th 4/15/14 FX's Fargo' which was inspired by the '96 movie of same name written&directed by the Coen brothers.The TV show is created by Noah Fawley,each season has a different cast/location/time period. In Season 1 is set in 2006 in Minnesota&N.Dakota,stars Billy Bob Thornton{Malvo} who...
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    I am a newbie here.

    Hi Junebug63,welcome glad you found us You'll meet wonderful group of members from around the world here at SF Enjoy yourself Sue in Buffalo,NY
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    Another Killing

    I've just read that Officer Kim Porter has been charged with manslaughter
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    I replaced my flip cellphone

    I've had the phone for a month very happy with it.The clerk,Jeff set up the phone for me,but he didin't transfer any of my info to the new phone.I do have an acct at the store,so I don't know if that made a difference.Sue aka MQ
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    What are you doing today?

    On my early morning walk around 7,was a tad cool temp was 43,no wind, was refreshing I ran into a friend,Sam{female} who was walking her golden retriever,Marla who I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks,she&her family live on the next block,I walked halfway with her.She is a ER doctor at Bflo...