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    alone in delaware of all places!

    Hi Mary Mary,welcome glad you found us Enjoy yourself meeting members from around the world,we're always willing to help newbies learn their way around the website Sue in Buffalo,NY
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    What are your Favourite Activities?

    take daily walks every day,weather permitting When I can't go outside,I try to walk up/down stairs twice/day.Our mail room is in the basement of our building,I try and walk up the 4 flights without taking the elevator
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    Today in History

    1803 U.S. Senate ratifies the Louisana Purchase 1910 A baseball with a cork center was used for the 1st time in the World Series 1965 The Beatles were awarded a Gold Record for their hit single'Yesterday' 1967 an all white federal jury convicted 7 men in the murders of 3 civil rights workers in...
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    actor Jeff Bridges has Lymphoma

    actor Jeff Bridges announced yesterday he has been diagnosed with Lymphoma He said he has started treatments will keep his fans posted on his recovery I wish him best of luck,will keep him in my prayers
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    New Here

    Hi Sneaky Pete,welcome glad you found us You'll meet members from around the world which makes this forum unique Enjoy yourself Sue in Buffalo,NY
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    Hi Mary,welcome glad you found us You'll meet other members in this unique forum from around the world Where do you call home? Sue in Buffalo,NY
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    What are you doing today?

    This morning my weekly chat with Canopy of Neighbors members Its sad this week because one of the ladies on my list Mary, a member of my church died in her sleep on Weds.When I talked to her Mon,she was in good spirits looking forward to a visit from one of her sons.Its a blessing because she...
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    Today in History

    Oct 19th 1914 The U.S. Post Office 1st used automobiles to collect&deliver mail 1926 John C.Garand patents the semi automatic rifle 1983 U.S. Senate established Martin Luther King,Jr as a Federal holiday 1991 the longest NCAA college football game Rhode Island vs Maine{3hr,52 sec} RI won 52-30...
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    Your World Series thoughts?

    I'm so happy the Dodgers are going to be in the World Series I couldn't stay awake to watch the end,but leave it to one of my favorite Dodger player,Cody Bellinger to hit the game winning home run.I know he's been in a slump throughout the shortened season into the playoffs The World Series...
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    actor John Lithgow's birthday

    another favorite actor I've liked over the years,John Lithgow's birthday he's 75 He's a multi talented actor who has appeared on Broadway/movies & TV On Broadway he has won 2 Tony Awards for his roles in "The Changing Room' 73 'Sweet Smell of Success' '02 On TV he played 'high commander, Dick...
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    Your World Series thoughts?

    I'm rooting for Dodgers to win tonight's Game 7 against the Braves,they had the best record in shortened MLB season I'm glad the Astros were eliminated
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    How Close are you with your Family?

    I'm very close with my younger&only brother,we talk every Sun When the pandempic started,we started to zoom every Sunday at 4,seeing him,my sister in law,their 4 kids every week makes my day. Our older sister lives in England,she doesn't partake in the family Zoom meetings- her loss I have a...
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    What is the lowest price that you remember for it ?

    I don't know if this thread is all about gasoline prices I remember paying 5 cents for a chocolate bar back in the 50's
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    Today in History

    Oct 18th 1867 United States takes formal possession of Alaska from Russia after paying $7.2 million 1954 Texas Instruments Inc announces 1st transistor radio 1968 Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas opens with the largest permanent big top in the world 2019 The 1st all female spacewalk by NASA's...
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    My first post here.

    Hi Susan,welcome glad you found us You'll meet members from around the world which makes this forum unique Where do you call home? Sue in Buffalo,NY