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    Remember This Case? Unbelievable!

    And the mastermind was a divorce lawyer?? hahahaha! It's sad her sister died, but to be honest I'd have to say the cause of death was stupidity. Or maybe vulnerability, to be fair.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    Me and my grandma used to make ice cream in one of those bucket things. I helped put in the rock salt and turned the crank til my arms got tired, then she turned it. She put in milk, of course, and fruit, sometimes vanilla, sometimes nuts or broken up cookies. My 2 favorites were strawberry and...
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    10 Highest Paid Athletes

    So it's no wonder that whenever a sports franchise needs a new stadium they go to the city and try to get the public to pay for it. This is why I lost interest in pro sports years ago. That and the fact that so many athletes these days seem to have a personality disorder.
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    A Second Language

    I remember several words and a few phrases in Italian, German and Yiddish but I couldn't carry on a conversation. My oldest son speaks fluent German but he takes a refresher course every year because he doesn't use it much.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    I don't know if the mix contains powdered milk these days, or if so I think there's not much in there. The texture is way creamier, it melts a bit faster and tastes less like real ice cream than it used to. I'm skeptical.
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    Eye Test

    MarciKS put a thumbs-up on your John Wayne answer, so I assume that was correct.
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    Are you working on any meaningless tasks?

    Maybe there's less meaning in things that used to be meaningful, and we need to find tasks that are more relevant (-meaningful) to current issues.
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    Word of the Day: Pedantic

    When my son said I was being pedantic I took it as a compliment. 🤪
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    Eye Test

    I guessed wrong.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    At best it's got dehydrated soy/soy powder in it, plus chemical emulsifiers, texture enhancers and flavorings. But that's an optimistic thought.
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    The Ice Cream Parlour

    At an actual ice cream parlor I like hot fudge sundaes and banana splits. I'm kind of scared to eat soft serve anymore. I'm not convinced there's much dairy in there. Maybe none at all. Why's there only 3 flavors?
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    News clipping from The NY Daily Mirror 1950

    If I remember right, they were mostly southern states. Texas was one, I think. I'm not sure, though, I read about it about 5 years ago, and I think the law had just been repealed or expunged or whatever...canceled.
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    Eye Test

    James Dean?
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    I'm not seeing that here, but we have a shortage of cars. And yet, people aren't lined up at the dealerships.
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    PADI Open Water Certification Skill List

    I'll add "something large and/or aggressive". Even a "playful" seal will create a distraction, and distraction is a primary cause of diver distress. I have no doubt you'll soon find a number of willing buddies.