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    Trying again... I hate to think that I went down without a fight...

    Lol, I turned my head for a sec, and 12 pages grew on this thread. And then the THC, somebody cut in line ahead of me...:p
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    Meditation Can Actually Change The Brain

    The attached video is a guided meditation, was made by my business partner back when she had her Movement Therapy practice. She has several other videos well worth viewing:
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    This whole debate depresses me...

    The Covid-19 knowledge base is still developing- a "work in progress" so expect some rough edges along the way. Those who would politicize and weaponize the public conversation are only contributing to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt being experienced by the Public, and as such do a great...
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    Insurance Nightmare

    Go online, visit the websites of several insurance companies you're comfortable with. Indicate that you want a quote ASAP. There is a lot of competition out there, you don't have to put up with some flaky outfit that wants you to do all the legwork. They act like they're doing you a favor...
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    My grandma still has an unopened New Coke can in her fridge from 1985

    Saving it for a special occasion?
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    Do You Think The Housing Bubble Will Burst Soon?

    Doesn't really matter to me, not moving anytime ever. I'll be glad when prices go back down so I can petition the county tax assessor to lower my property taxes back down. Also, my homeowners insurance had taken a 50 % increase just this past year...will have to fight the insurance company...
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    Remember life before computers

    My slide rule teacher said they would be good to stir paint with when they became obsolete.
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    Remington offers settlement in Sandyhook massacre

    All guns can be used for self defense, and for....murder, correct? Assault rifles are specifically designed for military combat, and NOT for self / home defense. If anyone has a different view- God bless you, but I'm not going to even consider arguing the point with you. I'm glad that...
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    Says this church sign "...Facts don't matter" ?????

    Thank you, well said.
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    Trying again... I hate to think that I went down without a fight...

    Honor those whom you loved that have passed by continuing to love & live; they would have wanted it that way.
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    Who likes sushi?

    Love sushi! Thanks for this thread as a reminder, it's been too long maybe will pick some up this weekend.
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    T-Shirts with advertisements: do you wear them?

    I prefer plain T shirts, would never wear a shirt of ball cap that advertised some kind of product. That said, I do have an "Uncle Chens" T-shirt from a particularly good Chinese Restaurant in Carpinteria,Ca. Also, my daughter sent my a T-shirt from the place she works, in St. Thomas VI.
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    Are you at all interested in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

    Absolutely! However, I'm not one to sit and watch TV much, especially during the day.
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    Latest Misinformation Sweep by authorities: Dr Dhand's

    In my experience both Facebook and Youtube do in fact inform the poster of policy violations. Other viewers probably aren't going to see that information.
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    Latest Misinformation Sweep by authorities: Dr Dhand's

    Rather than depend on media types to dispense a true story, it's always been the individual's responsibility to detect the truth. Sadly, all too few people nowadays take the time and effort to do what I consider the "duty" to discover the truth, as citizens of a free society.