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  • Oldiebutgoody:

    was aiming at Aussies Folk
    with the Waltzing Matilda, the unofficial Aussie Anthem
    I have great attraction to Australia, no sure why, just do.

    You a thinker-seems so.
    Ohioboy is a thinker, several others
    Where are you from OBG? America or from a Commonwealth country?
    I ask because this sentence has me wondering

    "Let's hope we will see similar numbers real soon."
    From USA.

    Am hoping the number of vaccinated people will go upwards to those we saw just a few months ago when it was thought we would reach 70% vaccination before July 1.

    I've never been overseas. Never had the opportunity to travel and it's too late for me to go anywhere now. Such if life.
    Our PM has just today released modelling by the Lowy Institute that examines the effect of various vaccination targets on community health and the associated economic benefits. The optimum for both seems to be 80%. Until then advice is lock down break outs early and go hard.
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