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    Stairway to Heaven.....

    Yes. I had mentioned it before, but no details. It was two months before I was to retire. My wife had already retired from the university. She retired from Johns Hopkins. She was attending another retirement party and I was in California, having flown there earlier in the day. The fire was in...
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    Would you, or did you have some plastic surgery done?

    I had blepharoplasty done back in 1998. My surgeon did an excellent job.
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    the metric system... should it be universal?

    Do you know that all Air Traffic Controllers and pilots anywhere in the world must speak English when communicating over the radio? English is the international language in aviation.
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    Where Did you Go ?

    Absolutely. A good tailwind will move you along, while a strong headwind will slow you down. I generally flew East to West and vice versa, so I would follow the jet stream. The jet stream flows West to East, so coming back from the the west coast would allow us to be moved along by the westerly...
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    Stairway to Heaven.....

    One of the most beautiful views that I witnessed while flying was flying over the Rockies after a heavy snowstorm had passed. Towards evening when the sun begins to set, the reflection of the yellow/orange sun showers over the snow. Had my house not burned down just before retirement, I would...
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    Where Did you Go ?

    You should give up flying on those puddle jumpers and fly in one of the newer jets. The difference is like day and night. Weather is almost a non issue now. With the technology on the ground and in the planes, planes very seldom fly through bad weather. Every big jet here in the U.S. has Doppler...
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    Where Did you Go ?

    My first flight was from Baltimore to Seattle when I was 11 years old. At first, I was very nervous, but once we had reached our cruising altitude and the Stewardesses (that’s what they were called back then) served us a drink and a meal, I was able to relax. We had to change planes in Chicago...
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    Any snowbirds here?

    I did 8 years in Florida on the west coast. Pappy is a member here and he used to split his time between New York state and the east coast of Florida. I prefer the Gulf Coast, but that's up to the person making the decision. I went to college in Ohio at Kent State and stayed with my aunt and...
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    Netherlands Plans to Allow Euthanasia for Under-12s

    My post has nothing to do with politics. The post was just referring to a segment of the town hall meeting that correlates to the OP's thread.
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    We are back from our vacation in North Carolina.

    Ruth, I bet you loved getting out of Jersey. North Carolina is a beautiful state and the people (real natives to the state) are some of the nicest that I have met compared to anywhere I have been. I have been all over NC. My favorite area is the Piedmont Triad area, which is near Greensboro...
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    Your Mom's Best/Worst Recipes

    For my Mom, it was her "Baked Steak." If anyone has the recipe for this, I would appreciate having a copy. I really miss not having any since she died.
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    Are we forgiving in general?

    For anyone that was in the Marines, you may have been in the same barracks as I was while in boot camp at Parris island. This is almost an impossibility, but in that barracks was a sign, which read: "When in war, It's God's job to forgive our enemy. It's our job to arrange the meeting!"
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    Netherlands Plans to Allow Euthanasia for Under-12s

    This is a big decision for an 8 year old to make. We lowered the voting age to 18 here in the U.S. to appease the Hippie movement back in the 60's. By doing so, it was supposed to soften some of the adverse protests that were being held by doing sit-ins, going days without eating, etc. The main...
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    Dad's Birthday

    Wheel Horse had a great reputation. My dad had a few Wheel Horse tractors. Your dad looks like he's happy with his.
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    A Miami-Dade teacher gave her $425K life savings to a pilot. Here’s where he is today

    Once he started asking for a loan, she should have cut the line.