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    Gunman shoots into crowd at party then gets stoned to death

    Sounds like a good way to see that justice is done. Too many crooks, murderers, killers, rapists hiring bad lawyers who get them off on some little point of law. No lawyer needed here and he got just what he deserved. Amen!
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    My niece got fired from her band...after being bitten by a dog at their last gig!!!

    This darn dog thing is getting out of hand. There are just too many people that love their dogs/cats then they love their fellow human race. Over the last year I keep seeing more and more dogs in grocery stores. I keep wondering what the "hay" is this world coming to? Out in the country...
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    Are you at all interested in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

    Nope, absolutely not. I cut my cable 20 years ago and I'm so glad I did. However, if I did have cable I would not watch those darn Olympics. Maybe because I think there are bigger issues out there, like climate change and I think the whole games thing has just got way too political. I'm kind...
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    Another Covid Casualty?...the stock market??

    I was in the local big city yesterday and noticed that all the white people are still driving around and shopping and the immigrants from overseas are working. There is something very wrong with this country. The amount of ATVs, pontoon boats, regular boats and other "toys for boys" sold in...
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    How do you let your age define you?

    Why are you listening to your kids? Are you a "wimp"? It's your money and its your life. Are you going around telling those kiddies of yours how they should live their lives? Then they should mind their own business when it comes to buying a vehicle you want. You're not doing harmful drugs...
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    Yesterday was ~ French Fry Day! lol

    I went to a discount store today and found out that, according to them, "This is red button month." Really! I should buy a bunch of red buttons or what should I be doing? I don't know and I don't care. I'm 75 and long past being excited by what someone is going to try to make me do...
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    Yesterday was ~ French Fry Day! lol

    Yes, I like fries too but to make a special day for them? I say, "Get a life." What's next? Wash your socks day? Huge a state trooper day? Plant a tree day? Sing a song day? Really!
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    Air Fryer Experience Wanted

    My daughter told me to buy an air fryer. It is very good. I do French fries in it, for example. The fries come out crispy and golden and there is no grease on them. In restaurants here in Canada we get black, greasy fries that I wouldn't feed to a dog I didn't like. Seems the local...
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    I am so thankful.... to this forum

    Yap! The funny posts are OK but for my money, I like the posts that make me think. Posts where I learn something are my favourite because I like to keep my brains sharp. You do that by thinking and learning something new each and everyday.
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    Delaying Dementia

    I fight any chance of dementia by reading a lot everyday, playing and singing with my guitar, going often to the library traveling as much as possible, daily walks and I cut my cable 20 years ago. I have watched many seniors sitting around all day, doing nothing but watching TV from morning to...
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    Spanish Woman Sacked because of Brexit Rules

    A lawyer asking for 2,000 pounds is a scammer! I believe he is a good example of a "White Collar Crime."
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    Taking a break from the Internet.

    A break from the internet is a WONDERFUL idea. You will be a happier, more contented and a better person for it. I bet you'll live longer too!
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    Fly the Friendly Skies?

    Furthermore, a few months ago, I read a very interesting 2 page article by the world famous author and traveler, Paul Theroux. He has written many, many books based on his life of travel. Some examples are: The Mosquito Coast, Dark Star Safari, Riding The Iron Rooster, The Old Patagonian...
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    Fly the Friendly Skies?

    Sorry The Washington Post would not let me read this article but I would loved to.
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    Old Cowboy's Advice

    If you live in Canada and it's winter, your outside and kind of thirsty, "Never eat yellow snow!"