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    Anyone Here Still Refusing To Wear A Mask?

    In the small town where I live no one wears a mask. We just returned from a 4 day trip to a resort in the western part of my province & absolutely no one wore a mask except 3 kids working in an ice cream parlor. By the way, I have never wore a mask once & I'm as "healthy as a horse". Went to...
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    People are boycotting Costco for requiring shoppers to wear masks in stores.

    Never wore a mask & never will. I have worn these kinds of masks while sanding vertical wood in the past when I was a home owner. I wear glasses & the masks would just steam up my lenses. Can't win there. Googles were better for my eyes but to cover my mouth & nose, how am I suppose to...
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    Costa Coffee reopen 32 branches

    Well, I stand here to say that during the almost 7 weeks of all restaurants being shut during the "glorious" CORVID-19 days, I have only once used take-out service. It was at a Tim Horton's drive through window. I was not happy with the service & will not use take-out again. I will wait until...
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    What Comedy Shows Are Your Favorites?

    The last comedy show I ever watched was the "All In The Family". It had a laugh track but I was much younger then & I guess I didn't know any better. However, it was more than comedy because it had character & it had a lot of social issues that came out in the series that would never be...
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    What Comedy Shows Are Your Favorites?

    Don't watch comedy shows because I don't like the laugh tracks. Used to when I was younger but now the laugh tracks just bother me to no end. No, I'm not a "grouchy ole' man" but I do prefer serious drama. Laugh tracks tell me that I'm really stupid & I don't know when to laugh so I have to...
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    Has this ever happened to you? Email saying they have a video taken from my computer camera.

    Scammers are crook; they are gangsters & they are cold blooded criminals. At least real criminals like booth-leggers had to work for their money. Watch Elliot Nash in "The Untouchables" & you'll see that being a gangster was truly hard work. Now, today, the criminals are just plain lazy...
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    I have a "siesta" about 3.30 pm for 90 minutes. Then to bed at 10:30 & I fall asleep right away. Sleep like the dead until about 3;30 am, go to the washroom, return to bed for 1/2 planning my day & by 4 am I am up to do my exercise, check the bad news on the computer & then sing & play my...
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    Has this ever happened to you? Email saying they have a video taken from my computer camera.

    NO! It has never happened to me. I don't go to any porno sites & never have. Never even bought a "Playboy" or "Hustler" magazine. Got too many hobbies & got too many things to do. Never bored & never lonely & never hang around "pervert" sites. They say, "Get a Life" & boy I got one. LOL...
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    Oh No, I Got A Chain Letter

    Never got one in my whole life. Lucky me; I guess. I don't believe in chain letters. "if you don't send this along; something terrible will happen". What a bunch of BULL! Some people just don't have any hobbies or meaningful relationships. They should visit the local library & get some...
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    Can we PLEASE use the english language correctly?

    First there was Cornovirus. Then they got cute & it became KORVID-19. I just call it Kornie Virus because there is so much politically correct cornie stuff going on with the media reporting it. I like the play-on-words. Works for me every time. LOL
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    Movie & TV Remakes - Better Or Worse

    I have watched the original 9 years of Hawaii Five-O with another 3 years waiting for me. A newer version of that show has been made. I would never watch it. The newer actors just have dirty faces, swear & show a lot of unnecessary SEX. Can't imagine a newer version of "The Waltons" or "All...
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    My last thought about this situation

    Google has just told me that there are 7.8 Billion people on this planet. People die everyday. Some die from old age, others die from lack of food. Then there are gun violence, traffic accidents, suicide, etc. etc. This is not the 1st pandamic disease & it certainly wouldn't be the last...
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    Men vs. Women ,it just isn't fair.

    Can't say anything here about comparing actors. Most of them have "face jobs", their teeth are whiten, they have hair pieces, they have dentures, they are loaded with makeup. They are not the average person you know or see on the street. They have an image to up hold. Hollywood is all about...
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    Masks & The Media

    If you want to see how the media is obsessed with masks, check out the following:
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    Which Is Your Choice In Milk, Whole, Skim or In Between?

    2% for my coffee; skimmed for my cereal in the evening.