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  • Hi you.
    I hope you are okay. I haven't seen you around.
    Paco Dennis
    Paco Dennis
    Hi Tish! I was changing my avatar and just noticed your message. THANK YOU for caring. I still have pain 24/7 and I went up from 1200mg to 1800 mg of Gabapentin. Today I have a Zoom appointment with a Psychologist that specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy pertaining to helping me sleep and maintaining a positive attitude. I am feeling better that I have all year. :) I hope all goes well with you and yours. ♥️
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    I love this avatar, dear Paco.
    Paco Dennis
    Paco Dennis
    Thank you! I never read my profile messages until today while changing my avatar. You are a sweetheart! ♥️
    I have to tell you every time I see your picture you remind me of my favorite actor. Richard Deacon from the Dick Van Dyke show OIP (9).jpg
    Adding some info

    Occupations: doughnut maker, tech assembly line, moving co, magazine delivery, cabinetmaker/kitchen installer, musician, home repair, house cleaner
    I like amateur Music the best. Love all styles. I like the industry music too. :)
    Read: mainly Non-Fiction
    Movies: Too many to name. Now mainly free YouTube
    Birthplace: Watsonville, Ca.
    Adding some info:

    Born 9/8/1952 (69)
    Pets: The 2 cats above...(Norman and Mama)
    I have lived in Cupertino, Ca., northern California, Brooklyn, NY, Wichita, Kansas
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