I early retired when I started having health issues. The last few years have been a rollercoaster ride, with cancer and other health issues. Will continue to live one day at a time.

We moved away from my hometown almost 22 years ago. How time flies. One day I will go back to Uvalde and stay.

My life consists of taking care of my wonderful husband. I have two awesome sisters and tons of nephews/nieces.

I hope to contribute to this group by making others happy. I am a happy camper and am always laughing and making jokes. I love animals (well, most animals) and enjoy going to the zoo. 🐒🐧🐼 I'm never growing up. 😅 Laughter is the best medicine.
October 26
Marital status
No pets. Just an occasional stray that we will feed and care for if it stays around for long. 🐈
Previous Locations
Uvalde, Texas
Retired; have worked in a hospital setting most of my adult life.
Favorite Music
Anything but country and hard ŕock.
Favorite Books
My husband is the reader.
Favorite Movies
Casablanca and many other movies.
Favorite TV Shows
Criminal Minds
Real Name
Pamela (Pam)
Uvalde, Texas


We don't have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.



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