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    Just want to say thank you!

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    Lets see some funny cartoons

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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

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    K9 Humor

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    Members Funny Pictures

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    Fairy stories or other short stories we remember from childhood

    I liked Ali Babba and the forty thieves. Remember mom reading it to me.
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    Animal Humour

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    The jokes only thread....

    The Hypochondriac Danny was an extremely nervous patient whose imagination afflicted him with all kinds of misfortunes that never materialised. One afternoon he staggered into the house. He was bent forwards. He tottered to a chair and, still curled into a half-moon shape, dropped into it...
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    Welcome To Coffee Corner

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    Lets see some funny cartoons

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    Time for Soup

    We had some butternut squash soup from the market the other day. It was very good. We use a lot of soups in the Pappy household. Easy lunch for us.