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    Aneeda72 Garden 2021

    A lot of Great Work there, Aneeda! Beautiful! And................Bella is so cute!
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    EID Muhbarak. Happy EID! Ramadan Is Over

    EID Muhbarak to you, Diva! Enjoy and eat whenever you like!
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    US restores transgender health protections

    I'm surprised you sound so hostile to the trans folk, ray.
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    Pamela Smart Case

    Nicole Kidman's movie "To Die For" is based on this case. The courtroom dialogue are the exact words of Pamela Smart. The real trial was shown on TV. I watched it every day (had a TV in the store) with great enthusiasm!
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    Pamela Smart Case

    Members of the Smart family were patrons of my store in Nashua, NH. Gregg's brother told me a few days after the murder that Pam did it. I knew before he did! It was very obvious from the moment TV news interviewed her. She was shrieking "Where's my dog? Is my dog alright?" with ne'er a...
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    What Was the Last Movie You Watched?

    Does The Castle have anything to do with Kafka's book? I loved that book.
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    Perry Como, "the man who invented casual."

    I remember this song as a summer hit when I was a little kid. Still sing the first lines. Stuck in my memory.
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    Florida Principal Who Paddled Girl, 6, Was in the Right: Authorities

    Years ago I turned down a position in Lake Havasu, NV because the schools permitted paddling. I didn't just think of my son enduring this treatment, but even seeing it and knowing about it is bad enough. It's atmospheric. How dare they!
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    Seniors Dropping Things

    I just feel bad for you that at your age you consider yourself a senior. You're still young. I know, I know, I used to laugh when older people would tell me that. But now, at 71, they were right. You're still on the young side Marci and I want you to realize that. So quick the life.
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    Kim Jong-Un planning to Escape from North Korea

    What's her name?
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    Federal Indictments of George Floyd's killers

    Oh, I definitely would include social services (welfare, foster care, etc.) and schools to be what they already are, meaning in the system, systemic @Murrmurr
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    Federal Indictments of George Floyd's killers

    The racism is systemic. The black youth are arrested for more non-violent crimes, i.e. drugs, than white youth; a cost of conviction is not being eligible for education loans, for good legit employment and the (immediate) future is narrowed, leading to more crime.