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    Do You Believe in Fairies?

    Again, where is the evidence? "Entities of varied vibrations" and "beings of different dimensions" What do those expressions even mean? What vibrations? People have asked if I believed in "vibrations" as far back as college, but none of them were able offer an explanation or definition of what...
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    Do You Believe in Fairies?

    No. Show me the evidence. I reject faith entirely. Taking things "on faith" is for small children. Reverence for things for which there is no evidence is superstition.
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    Do You Believe in Fairies?

    There is nothing magic or mysterious or supernatural about fairy rings. It's just the way certain mushrooms grow.
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    Do You Believe in Fairies?

    When you have some objective evidence for fairies or gods or any other supernatural anything, let me know.
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    Could you ride this bike?

    Yes, I could ride it. I did ride one years ago. But I wouldn't try it now in my 70s. They are very accident-prone, difficult to balance at first, no brakes, and it's easy to go flying over the handle bars (such as they are) if you try to stop too quickly or just hit a bump.
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    Its Time To Buy Another Roll Of Stamps

    I pay most of my bills online using a service called "Billp@yer" offered by my bank. No stamps needed, and some of my accounts have noticed this and no longer include a payment envelop with the monthly invoice. Of course, as others have said, we still need stamps for other correspondence, but a...
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    Complaint-graphic language/images in movies & tv

    Unless there is dialog included which moves things along, sex scenes in movies do nothing but interrupt the flow of the story. And they're boring as well, because nothing is happening, at least nothing you haven't seen a million (seems like) times before. It's much better to hint at what's about...
  8. R Trouble

    Perhaps we have just been lucky, judging from all the complaints about the Post Office that I've heard over the years, but we have had very good service from the Post Office for decades. Occasionally we do receive something that belongs to a neighbor, or a neighbor gets something of ours. But...
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    Federal Law Enforcement Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab Protesters Off Portland Streets

    The article seems to imply, without actually saying so, that there is something unusual or improper about law enforcement using unmarked vehicles. But, no, it is neither unusual nor improper. I also note that the word "riot" does not appear in the article. It is always "protestors," as if all...
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    Do you know what hour of the day you were born?

    12:24 PM on (Catholics will understand) Ascension Thursday. Then there was First Communion on my seventh birthday (youngest kid in the class). And Confirmation on Palm Sunday. My Italian aunts were all certain I would become a priest when I grew up, but I became an atheist instead.
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    I make mine!!

    We make the bed every day. Well, almost every day. Don't like seeing a mess every time I glance into the room.
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    Asked To Submit A Tip On An Online Purchase

    I've got a tip for them: Stop asking for tips or lose my business.
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    Your opinion in this situation

    It would have been reasonable for the daughter to take a few minutes to say goodbye to her mother, especially if the nurse hadn't given a "closing soon" warning prior to 6 o'clock. But, "I'll leave when I'm ready" in response to a third request to leave (the first at 6, second at 6:15, and third...
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    Video of 8-month-old tossed in pool goes viral, swim instructor explains infant training method

    Some of the previous comments sound as if the writers think this baby had never been in the water before, and was thrown in "sink or swim" style without any prior experience. But It is obvious to this former swimming instructor that the baby is already comfortable in the water, knows how to get...
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    George Raft, (?spelling?), b&w film star in gangster roles

    Wherever I have a movie question, my first stop is the Internet Movie Database at Here's George Raft's page