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    US restores transgender health protections

    This nonsense about transgender women (that is, men who say they are women) participating in women's sports will pass is a few years when it becomes obvious to everyone, even the most extreme trans-rights activists, that girls and women (that is, real girls and women) have essentially no chance...
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    Could you walk this? Longest pedestrian bridge just opened and it's frightening

    I would have no problem crossing this bridge, except that it appears to go from nowhere to nowhere. I wonder why they built it so narrow. It looks like opposing traffic would have to squeeze past each other, and people crossing together could just barely walk side by side.
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    Let's hope that the debris lands harmlessly. But if it should hit a populated area, let's hope it's somewhere in China, preferably right on the launch pad whence it came.
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    Virginia to eliminate accelerated math cources prior to 11th grade

    My high school in Newton, Massachusetts had three academic "curriculums." We used to joke that they were for the smart, normal, and stupid kids, but it was really more like 1) headed to top colleges, 2) headed, maybe, to "second tier" colleges, and 3) headed straight into the workforce or the...
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    Warning Issued For Treadmill. How about one for absent parents

    Seems to me that the manufacturer could solve this problem by adding a "skirt" around the treadmill so that children, toys, and pets can't get under it.
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    Homeless Encampment Built Next to Quiet Neighborhood

    I was in the area today, so I went a few blocks out of my way to drive past this tiny house installation. Just driving by, I couldn't see whether there were any people inside the fence. - - The intersection in question is Vanowen Street and Vanalden Avenue. There exists no street anywhere in...
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    Please Say This Isn't True!

    "let them air out for a few hours after a day of use, they smell as fresh as unworn underwear." Right. Never mind that they may still be covered with the non-volatile components of sweat, may have had a few drops of urine on them, and so on. Perhaps they would be a good idea for camping or...
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    Did you know????

    Anyone remember the old story in which the king offers “your weight in gold” for something someone had done. But the man said “no, that’s far too much. Just give me a one coin today, and two coins tomorrow, and 3 the next day, and so on for a month.” I wonder if small violations of law might be...
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    Did you know????

    That would be genetic half-siblings, assuming that each of the twins had their own separate partners who were not themselves identical twins.
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    The first film you went to see at the pictures

    Can't be sure after so long, but it might have been "Forbidden Planet" (MGM 1956).
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    I would like to meet everyone.

    Some years ago, when a member from Chicago was in Los Angeles, several of us met at a restaurant for drinks, dinner, and conversation. We had all "known" one another for a long time, so a splendid time was guaranteed for all. One member from San Diego, who didn't attend, surprised us by calling...
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    What comes first?

    Where you draw the line between one species and another is somewhat arbitrary, and depends on how you define the species in question. If you had a chicken and a time machine, you could go back through time and watch as your chicken came out of an egg, which came out of a chicken, which came...
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    Elton John hits back at Pope's decree on same-sex unions

    Here's what the Vatican released:
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    What do you think happens when you die

    I am aware of no credible evidence for any sort of "life after death." Life is a temporary situation, and I expect that being dead will be the same as not having yet been born.
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    I am: fill in the blank with a song title or lyric.

    . . . the very model of a modern Major-General