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  • Excerpt from the news release:
    serious motorcycle-car accident in Seneca Falls after earlier being observed operating recklessly, at dangerously high speeds, according to police. responded to a serious personal injury motor vehicle accident on Ovid St. at the intersection of Bridge St.
    The investigation indicates that a motorcycle, which was traveling at a high rate of speed was northbound on Ovid St. and unlawfully passed another northbound vehicle that was making on a left turn onto Bridge St.
    The motorcycle struck the turning vehicle causing the motorcycle operator to be ejected at which time the operator struck a light pole.

    Prior to the collision a motorcycle fitting the same description was observed by law enforcement travelling at a recklessly high rate of speed on Rt. 89 and Rt. 414
    Due to the reckless nature of operation and the high speed law enforcement at no time pursued the motorcycle."

    Your innuendo did not go unnoticed. You however are dead wrong!!!!
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