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    Jif settles the great debate with a GIF peanut butter jar

    Soft G. And every time I do, my daughter corrects me. And then we get into a debate. I finally shut her up by referencing the Miriam Webster dictionary's audio pronunciation function, which has dual pronunciations! See???
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    Celebrate the small Victories in life

    #1 Because I still work, I celebrate Friday every week!! #6 I am pleased out of all proportion to the good deed when someone does something nice for me! #17 My awesome family every day!! #36 A Clean house! And for me, because it's inherent to who I am: #61 when I organize something
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    To you ladies, how did you meet your honey?

    Zip lining.
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    Do you do your own income tax return

    I've been using the same CPA for years. Because I'm self-employed, I pay my taxes quarterly so I don't have a big bill at the end of the year.
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    Ever Block Someone And Then Regret It?

    The only person I've ever blocked on facebook was my ex. I've put a few people on ignore there, or unfollowed them so I don't see their constant posts. I block phone callers almost every time I get a call from a number I don't recognize.
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    Are you a stress eater?

    Unlike many people, I can't eat when I'm stressed. Even if I'm really really hungry, if I get some news that is worrisome to me, immediately the thought of food makes me nauseous. Those hunger pangs just turn off completely and food is suddenly completely unappealing. From the anecdotal...
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    I need to add a habit here, because I have to keep reminding myself that it IS a habit. It's eating indiscriminately and thoughtlessly. Eating when I'm not hungry, or overeating when I'm already full, or eating just because it's yummy or because I don't want to waste food or any of the other...
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    Yeah same here....smoking. I've heard that the nicotine in cigs is more addictive than heroin. Whatever. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to quit, and I relapsed three times before I the last quit back in 2008? I think it was. Anyway, so far so good!!
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    Fun day yesterday

    Aww. Thanks for saying that Ruth!! I AM a happy person. I have my loving family and my sweet man who I get to share life with, I have good health, work that I enjoy, a large circle of friends for social activities, lots of fun hobbies and passions I get to engage in. I’d like to be a little bit...
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    Opioid vending machine opens in Vancouver

    @oldman THANK YOU!! You get it. :love: I don't mean to be down on rehab centers. Every single time my son went into one, or a drug court, or any of the courses he took while he was incarcerated, he learned something. Every time he relapsed and then climbed back onto the wagon, he learned...
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    Tattoo For You?

    I have far. ;) Ron has two. He and I are going to get matching ones before the wedding..we'll each do a thumbprint and they'll get combined into the shape of a heart.
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    To chopstick or not to chopstick?

    Went out for sushi last night with Ron and his daughter Krystal. While we were eating I glanced around and realized that half the place was eating their food with chopsticks like we were, and half with regular flatware. We (me, Ron, his girls) all have our own chopsticks. Mine are in a pretty...
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    Opioid vending machine opens in Vancouver

    My son is an addict. In recovery now for almost 6 years, but for the 15 before that, he was heavily addicted, lost everything, became homeless, and after countless tries has remained clean for his longest run ever. An addict will ALWAYS be an addict. It's simply a question of whether they're...
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    Fun day yesterday

    Helped Ron take endless measurements so that he was set up to design the part of the kitchen that includes the pantry, a very stylized section of wall for the air return, and a secret bar cabinet. Headed to Cameron’s house after that (son#4) because his girlfriend Dee needed some help with a...