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    Word of the Day: Redlining

    In the 1930s the federal government began redlining real estate, marking “risky” neighborhoods for federal mortgage loans on the basis of race. ... Examples of redlining can be found in a variety of financial services, including not only mortgages but also student loans, credit cards, and...
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    Word of the day: Kaleidoscope

    I had a kaleidoscope as a child and loved it. In time it stopped showing patterns when something inside of it broke.
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    Word of the Day: Moxie

    If I didn't have plenty of moxie, I wouldn't have made it this far in life.
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    Have you ever had bad neighbours who caused you angst...

    It does no good to even talk to people like her. As far as I can see, she is not drunk, but mean and extremely prejudiced. I heard kids yelling inside her house and dogs fighting. Not a happy family. In my long lifetime, I have met people like her. The people who scare me most are the...
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    Hello SF

    Hello @oldpeculier and Happy Birthday Frenchie!
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    Word of the Day: Photobomb

    There are many photobomb photos on the Internet. Had no idea. Some are obviously set ups. Here's one.
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    Signs Of Humor

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    Signs Of Humor

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    Word of the Day: Photobomb

    Originating from a 2008 entry on Urban Dictionary, and added to Merriam-Webster in 2017, "photobomb" is used to describe the moment when someone purposefully inserts themselves into a photograph the moment it's being taken. It's generally done as a prank, in jest—and it always ruins the shot. I...
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    Word of the day - Serendipity

    I, too, love the word serendipity. And several serendipitous events have occurred in my life. They are fun.
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    Word of the Day - Doppelganger

    It would creep me out to have a doppleganger. The world doesn't need another RubyK!
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    Picture Words

    Grandma H
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    Word of the Day: Troll

    Thanks to all who added to this post. I had forgotten how many meanings troll has.
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    Picture Words

    Yankee Doodle Dandy Z
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    Word of the Day: Troll

    @PacoDennis ~ That's a big fish you (is that you?)caught back in 2012 by trolling. I enjoyed looking at the In-Fisherman Magazine. That guy caught a huge muskie, a favorite fish in MN, the land of 10,000 lakes. Nothing tastes better than a fresh-caught muskie dinner.