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    Well, I do like it/ them...

    My photo albums.
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    Do you think living alone is a big deal?

    I still have my hubby with me but if he should pass before me I will have no problem living alone providing I'm near one of my kids. I don't want to be a burden but would like to know they are near for emergencies. At that time I would like a smaller home because I could never maintain the one...
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    Hello and greetings! I am AmberTea a new member ;)

    Hello and welcome from New Jersey.
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    How Was Your Fourth of July?

    @mlh , we never did have Easter dinner or a Memorial Day get together. The ham from Easter that I had in the freezer was really good. I had my doubts because when I thawed it out quite a bit of water remained. The ham was fully cooked so I tasted the water to make sure it wasn't to salty,which...
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    How Was Your Fourth of July?

    My cousin and his wife visited. It was the first company we had since this mess began. We stayed our distance and enjoyed the Easter ham I had stashed in the freezer. Not exactly 4th of July food but I don't think I would have wanted to grill hamburgers,it was so hot. I...
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    How do you learn about new recipes?

    I can't resist reading or watching new recipes on line but I have quite a collection of cookbooks and still enjoy using them and I have years of recipes I've clipped from magazines so I try to control myself when it comes to adding anymore to the mix. The hubby likes such plain food and my...
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    What do you use WD-40 for?

    I always have a can on hand. I use it for anything squeaky or rusted. I take labels off of jars that I want to keep. I use it on my can opener once in awhile which makes it easier to open items. Works great on garden tools and I give them a good spray before I put them away for the winter. I...
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    Some favourite toys you had as a child

    @Treacle this is an image of the exact Howdy Doody marionette I had. As you can see the strings can get pretty tangled up. That's why I put the top part between the seat of the piano bench. Once up I could move the different strings to move his legs and arms move,of course I couldn't make him...
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    Some favourite toys you had as a child

    When I was very young I loved playing with my doll house and other dolls and I loved my Howdy Doody marionette. I never really learned how to work the strings but I would tuck the top piece in the side of the piano bench which was the perfect height for him to stand up,at that point I could move...
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    The problem with cleaning

    I purged last winter and made a big pile of stuff in our basement to go to the Salvation Army,then the virus hit. Hubby took two boxes and then they closed up. The problem is I'm finding myself picking at the stuff. I'm like an ant carrying things back to the nest. On the other hand, I had a...
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    Do You Give Your Dog Something Off Your Table While You Eat ?

    @Duster, I decided to feed our Pekingese strictly table food and he developed kidney problems. The Vet said the diet was to high in protein. I didn't want to feed him a lot of starch and other carbohydrates so I went to heavy on the meat. The Vet caught the problem in time but he had to eat low...
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    Do You Give Your Dog Something Off Your Table While You Eat ?

    When we had our dogs I would always give them a nibble or two from the table. They never begged but sat by the side of my chair. Had they done anything more then that I wouldn't have given them anything. I always fed our dogs before we ate.I figured, why should they sit and drool on an empty...
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    I love decorating with flowers!

    Very pretty. I planted some flowers along the edge of my veggie garden just for cutting. I'm glad you were able to salvage the bush.
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    Happy Anniversary To Me.....tomorrow

    Happy anniversary. I bet the stories you've had would fill a book.
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    Our neighbors....the Owls

    Don M. what fantastic photos. If those are juveniles the adults must be quite a size. I bet they do a good job at keeping the mouse population down. I don't think we have that kind here but at night I hear them in the woods. People call them screech owls. I've never seen one but they do...