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  • Waiting for Craig to come here to Myrtle Beach...He will be bringing us home....But right now he is in the storm...No. Carolina...He has 2 more hours
    to get to us in Myrtle Beach....Prayer's, please.....Love you, Barb....Probably won't go home tomorrow...Weather is terrible....
    Aw, that's terrible timing for you, with that storm. Hope Craig will arrive soon and safely.
    Let us know.
    The waiting and wondering is enuf stress in itself Pat.....hang in there and read a good book xo
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    It's Pat......
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Granddaughter...♥My Natalie will be 17 years old on May 6....My daughter told me her friend's Mom's are surprising her
    by driving on Gina's block for Natalie's Birthday....♥ They will be singing out of the car windows....Be Well, My Dear Friend.....
    They had about 30 cars driving in front of Carley's house to celebrate her birthday. I sat in the car in the driveway so I wouldn't get near any of the kids. My oldest grandson will be 23yrs old on May 19th. Carley is 10 and Eric is almost 22yrs old. My son turns 50 on Halloween and my daughter just turned 43 on April 9th,Love you sweetie.
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    Hello....My son's birthday is May 13....We won't be home but will send our love and a gift...probably we will
    be home in June....Or maybe earlier...depending how everything get's better...We will fly home...
    Love, Pat (Happy Birthday to all of your kiddies)
    Hi Patty cakes,
    We are still at my daughters because John is always looking to do something else in the house. We did just come home from Wildwood. It was Johns older brothers 90th birthday.
    Hi it's Pat..Don't know if you come here anymore...I do get here once and a while...Hope you are in your new home....
    Love your friend, Pat....
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