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  • she is a sick hag who hates herself so much that she lives only to try and make others unhappy too. I wish I had my regular internet. you are a smart and good hearted person. she can't compete, hugs phil

    Especially the Ones of Greenwich Village, that I remember as a child growing up there

    LOL, well, like I tell people on occasion, I feel like an alien, and sometimes wonder if a space-ship may land one day, and all these little people that look identical to me will get out to stretch, then let me know they finally returned for me! If it's anyplace I hope to go one day, dead or alive, is through the universe, wow, what a trip!! Did I mention I am big on star-gazing, lol;) Denise
    I can relate, to the feeling/intuitive. I don't think we need that solid evidence in all things;) I'm glad to be here, meeting lots of folks, I'm a people-person, also dogs as you probably figure out:) (all animals really), but what I realized a long time ago was that every place I've ever been, people are people, all kinds. Only difference is size of population, course I haven't been to any foreign countries, so not a lot of culture experience (differences in). Denise
    Oh, there's why you knew so much about Harvey's Lake!! I don't know why, but thought you lived in FL. ;) Well the page you sent on the thread (link) is the exact place I read all about Harvey's Lake about a year ago. I had a gal-friend that moved out there to live with a guy (she is from PA, so just moved back there) and I guess they have a bit of money between them, but not rich. He has a tiny place right next to a post office, right next to one of those beaches you or someone mentioned. I almost moved there last Summer but glad I didn't now, they are basically a mess.
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