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    They’re back. The Blue Angels are here for a weekend show.

    If anyone makes it out that way, it's a great place to camp out. Oh yeah, if you're ever out buggy running and suddenly find yourself inside a circle of white painted tires.... GET OUT fast. you have mistakenly entered a bombing target. :eek: (guess how I know) ;)...
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    They’re back. The Blue Angels are here for a weekend show.

    When I lived in Imperial Valley Ca. I got to watch the Angels practice in the winter at the El Centro Naval Air Facility. One weekend, we were camping out at the Superstition Mountain OHV right next to the bombing range. While tenting on a hilltop, all of a sudden, I looked over and was looking...
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    No need to worry about pipelines again.

    With gas Prices sky rocketing and gas shortages I have decided to part ways with this Rare Find! Ladies and gentlemen! I got this Clean 1960 B.C Yabadabadooo Limited Edition for sale! Just needs some TLC. Its Keyless and it doesn't need gas to run!!!.. So Say goodbye Too leg days at the gym...
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    The Colonial Pipeline has been restarted

    Haven't heard, still looking.
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    What are you doing today?

    Bush hogged my back meadow today. Was able to use my new (to me) fuel stand to re-fuel the tractor. Drug some trees out of the woods and cleared a little more of the land. Oh yeah, welcomed back my honey bee's in their favorite tree. (y) They were missing last year and I got worried.
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    The Colonial Pipeline has been restarted

    Following a multi-day shutdown in the wake of a ransomware attack. The shutdown had caused panic buying of gas in many southeastern states. .............The company restarted operations at about 5 p.m. ET. Will take a bit to get back up to speed.
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    Is poker a sport? Chess? Racing cars?

    I would consider open wheel racing a sport. Anyone who thinks you just push the gas and turn left is seriously mistaken. Take a peek at an non winged sprint car in action and then imagine trying it with 24 others on the track at the same time. :eek: I fail to see how a sport must involve a...
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    I know the destination of my next road trip

    Way too cool. A must see for me. :) I have to see that Monopoly car in person. :D
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    Members Funny Pictures

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    Women & Motorcycles

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    You Know You Are From Washington State When

    And then, there's South Dakota. :D
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    Seniors Dropping Things

    I still drop things, but, age has nothing to do with it.. When I was in my early 20's, I was burned beyond recognition. (2nd and 3rd over 60 percent, hands, arms, face, back, stomach, legs). Since then, I have never had the grip strength that I used to. :(
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    You're a time-traveler. Would you go to the past or the future?

    Stop, stop... my head. :) 🤯
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    The Music Thread! What Are You Listening To? #4

    The best tribute to Norma Jean (before she became Marilyn Monroe) I've found. :)