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  • Sunny, i noticed and corrected my mistake on the 'Marg?' before it was closed. Posted an 'Apology to Pepper and Sunny' in General Discussions but i can't find it now. Mistake was public, apology should be, IMO. This close as i could get, took me a while to find your page.
    Hi Sunny...I really liked your open-minded attitude in my polyamory thread. I hesitated to post it but did so anyway..
    BTW I considered and tried using Sunny for a user name but it was taken :)
    Hello Sunny, how are you? Is Sunny your real name or its like a sunny day? I am Maria from Brazil, a pharmacist and immunologist researcher. I liked your photo, and I hope that we become good friends. Have a wonderful day 🌺
    For real or a real scammer? hmmmm....
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