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    The Diary Of My Retirement

    It was housing that brought me to my current town, finding a nice house at an affordable price. It’s a fairly metropolitan area with all the amenities needed for daily living. I don’t have any lack of personal interests to occupy my time by myself. It’s just not good to be isolated with no...
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    The Diary Of My Retirement

    I decided to start a dairy of my retirement because it will be nice to have comments and helpful suggestions and contacts all in one place instead of scattered on various threads in various forums. I retired and moved to a new home in a new town with the idea of joining a couple of organizations...
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    I hate health care plan selection season.

    The monthly payments you make to private insurance companies come out of your pocket too. How much were they over the last few years? I doubt you got spine rebuild for $25 per month insurance payments. It's odd that some people don't think insurance payments are out of their pocket expenses...
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    Dating After 50

    That has been my experience as well. It’s a universal problem and a scientific fact that men in general don’t have as many brain cells in the communication area of the brain as women. Men are looking for a physical connection and women are looking for a mental connection. So a connection...
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    Dinner Next Tuesday ???

    If you invited a long term friend to your home for dinner next Tuesday and he said “I’ll let you know later” but didn’t say how much later, how long would you feel obligated to keep the invitation open? Until Monday night? Or Tuesday morning? Or not at all? My attitude is not at all. The moment...
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    I hate health care plan selection season.

    I agree with Fuzzybuddy. The Medicare advantage insurance companies get very aggressive and oppressive this time of year. It's disgusting. All of the Medicare approved medicare advantage plans are listed in the back of your Medicare book they mail out each year. You can read them yourself. The...
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    Thanks. I have contact, but not here in my current location.
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    Is anyone here from Southern Indiana? I moved here after retirement and after I got settled into my new home I planned to meet new people by joining a couple of organizations near me. But they both closed down for the duration of the Covid crisis. I’m at a loss as to how to meet new people. I...
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    Alone in an Emergency

    When I retired I purchased a small home and spent most of my time maintaining the house and yard and socializing with my only relative in this area and one casual friend. That worked out fine until a recent accident at home and I was incapacitated for several weeks and couldn't drive. My one...
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    Are there any regional sections of the forum for people in the same country, state and region?

    I'm in the state of Indiana in the U.S. Is there a section of the forum for folks from Indiana?
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    In reading the New Testament and the Quran, the pacifist nature of Jesus and the violent nature of Muhammad become apparent. Jesus taught a self-improvement course for controlling oneself and Muhammad taught a violent political system for controlling others. As the worldly ruler of Mecca...
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    Senior Personals Sites

    What has your experience been with Senior Personals Sites for meeting people? Many don't advertise their cost until you have filled out part of their application. SeniorsMeet does this. They keep saying FREE browsing, etc. encouraging you to register and then when you do they tell you the...
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    Holidays for Seniors Alone

    ​​There seems to be a need for senior clubs or dinner groups for socializing year round, but especially around holidays. Are any of you involved in a senior dinner group that has dinner together once a week or a social club for senior citizens?? Many Senior Citizens Centers seem to have more...
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    Hello, this is my first post. I don't know how to post a new thread under other categories. Don't even know if this one will take. Anyway, hello and I've enjoyed reading all your posts although don't know how to reply yet. Let me see if one of these icons work - :love_heart: What are these...