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    Caption: Couple dancing.

    Elmer: "I know, darling, I put them on by mistake, you'll have to prize them off me later."
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    Caption this photo of a female monkey.

    "Oooh, that Tim O'C will be like putty in my hands," :)
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    Caption this photo. Dog inside a tree trunk.

    "Yes, this will do fine, one needs to have privacy in one's very own Lava-tree." :)
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    Who wants live to be 150? Silicon Valley is leading the way, to endless possibilities.

    Who wants live to be 150? Me, and a decade or two more, I'm not greedy. :)
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    Why do people laugh at everything?

    Why do people laugh at everything? Why does it matter, they probably have a very happy heart or a feather in their knickers? :) I much prefer seeing a smiling/giggling/happy face than a sullen, miserable one, and besides, these people that laugh at everything are brilliant, I could do with...
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    Caption this photo: Two frogs embracing.

    "Sing to me Kermie, sing me a beautiful love song." "Ach carrrrnt, arvv gocht a fruuuug in mahhh frooooat."
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    Giant Tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets

    "Oh, there you are, Kermit, would you keep an eye on the kids tonight, me and Boris are off out tonight, surfing on the web." :)
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    Growing older: What age is considered elderly?

    What age is considered elderly? Shock! Horror! This forum appears to be inhabited by extra mature people, and me a sprightly, fresh faced 83 year old, I thought I was among young 'uns like me. :)
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    T-Shirts with advertisements: do you wear them?

    I don't buy or wear any clothes bearing names on the outside that advertise the brand or some organisation, or person that I don't know. When I meet people, I want them to see me, Tim, not a Ffyfes Banana, or a picture of sizzling sausages. :)
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    Hyacinth Bucket Sings Opera....

    This piece of music from her 'Hetty' series is superb on the ears. :)
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    Hyacinth Bucket Sings Opera....

    Super talented lady, I love her.
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    Look down...What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

    Haven't heard this for a while and it fits this thread, oh, and if you are Italian, then some of it will suit you too. :)
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    Caption: Man riding a bicycle with flowers.

    "I wonder if anyone will notice how 'baldy' the park looks this morning?" "It's 'hard' work being Don Juan."