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    This SITE is the BEST!

    Haven't been on any others - didn't know these existed - it was simply be chance that I found you. I think I must have put in something like 'senior needs company' but so many of you have been very very kind to me. I just want to give a special thanks to Aunt Marg, if I may, because when we...
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    Do you believe there will be lasting changes to our lives, stemming from covid 19?

    Have to agree about working. I think a number of people will prefer to work at home but video conferencing was available years ago, it just never seemed to take off. Sometimes ones needs a trigger factor to make use of what we already have. (Hope I'm making some sense) There are benefits to...
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    Time to unwind...

    I have just walked on my grass in bare feet and played with Treacle who ran after a ball for ????? seconds - (she is 9 in two weeks). Might be stupid to some, but I love the feel. Watered my tomatoes and potatoes and despite noise from the Polish side ( have mentioned that before) I absolutely...
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    Does anyone believe in serendipity or something else that aims to move us forward and/or gives us direction or comfort?

    Just a hard one to get through Aunt Marg. Had a bit of a low day today 'cos I miss him so much. But will be bouncing back and the G and T's are not going anywhere other than down me. 🥳 Thank you so much for your kindness. Sorry I got too late for the riddle but hey you didn't let me down - you...
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    Does anyone believe in serendipity or something else that aims to move us forward and/or gives us direction or comfort?

    When my dear Austrian brother passed over last September unexpectedly ( and what makes it's worse is that his daughter and wife believe the doctors and hospital made a mistake and they are seeking full disclosure about the medical treatment etc.) , he was my connection with mum (for some of...
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    I lost my Bella - my heart is broken

    I really understand @applecruncher . I have lost many cats and my dog over the years. It is heartbreaking. I had to take some to be 'put down'. My best friends have always been the cats and dog that I lived with. I just want to believe that I will see them someday - sorry if that seems off the...
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    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Day, Good Night, Etc. #4

    Snuggle up where you can. I have Treacle, but also a pillow! :giggle: Night Night. :sleep:
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    Apple and pear tree leaves look miserable.

    Thanks @Keesha Should I ever get apples or pears on the trees and life changes with this virus 'stuff' they'll be on the way to you. Might take a number of years though!!!! 🤗
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    Apple and pear tree leaves look miserable.

    I have a patio size pear and apple tree. I got them this year. The leaves on the apple tree have curled and gone brown. I sprayed because of aphids which I read can cause leaves to curl. The pear tree I also sprayed but some of the leaves have some brown on them. It's the first time I've tried...
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    Craving Sweets

    I found that when I stuck to something for a long time e.g giving up smoking I would just have an urge for just 1 cigarette but once I had that cigarette I felt I was starting all over again and the time that I did give up seemed irrelevant and I was upset with myself having gone so far. Guess...
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    LAST WORD - Word Pairs

    Back Door
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    Occupations A-Z

    Ventriloquist W
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    Change a Letter To Make Another Word

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    Ants In The Attic

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