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    Airline Attendant Fired After 57 Years Of Service. Lawsuit Follows

    I think it's crazy for a sentry-nine year old person to keep working, fulltime, much less as a flight attendant. The job is physically demanding, no matter what exact physical tasks one is required to do. I have a feeling that, for this person, the job is her whole life. Otherwise, how in the...
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    Those darn grocery store plastic bags!

    Austin banned all bags, years ago. It was a bit absurd, and a royal PITA! Gradually, stores started phasing them back in, making sure they were the biodegradable type. Then, the ban was ruled as illegal. Still, many stores no longer provide bags. We carry heavy-duty canvas bags, with very...
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    Do you receive many Christmas cards ?

    Christmas cards? What are they?;)
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    Having a major anxiety attack right now,

    Some have referenced violent TV shows as a trigger for panic attacks. I couldn't agree more! While I no longer have panic attacks, I do know that watching police and hospital shows makes me ill at ease. Most are very realistic, these days, and who needs to see violent deaths and gore filled...
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    Giving this dating app a go

    Uh, WTF?
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    A growing acceptance of my life, as it will be....

    Of late, I am increasingly aware of changes in my thinking, concerning the direction my life may be heading. I am coming to the realization that I'm fine embracing new realities, as I see them: I no longer find that playing gigs is the rush it once was, for me. As such, I'm selling my band...
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    Our trees looked so beautiful this morning.

    Those trees need proper pruning to promote airflow, sunlight penetration and to lessen the snow load during winter storms.
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    An Opossum Incident In The Middle Of The Night-Funny

    It really is not a great idea to feed wild animals, my episode with the dying possum, as above, notwithstanding. Doing so can increase their numbers, sometimes greatly, and then they exceed the normal carrying capacity of their natural environment, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. I...
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    Having a major anxiety attack right now,

    Be careful about using pot. Pot caused my panic attacks, as I bioconcentrated THC in my system. As soon as I gave it up, my panic attacks stopped. Everyone is different. What works for some, may not work for others. Again, be careful. That same caveat applies to pharmaceuticals. Listen to...
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    The Music Thread! What Are You Listening To? #2

    The gal in the pink top, Jeana Tomasino, was my Best Man's girlfriend for a few years. She was a Miss November, I think, in Playboy.
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    They go hand in hand, for me: I wouldn't want a vehicle with all of the safety features that got...

    They go hand in hand, for me: I wouldn't want a vehicle with all of the safety features that got less than 17 mpg., and vice versa
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    Did I really wear that?

    I also followed fashion trends, when a young guy. On a gig, I wore a navy floral print shirt with white collar and cuffs, along with a wide red tie with white polka dots. To my prom, I wore a purple shirt, fringed leather vest, rainbow striped pants. My date wore a rainbow skirt, white top. If...
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    Unusual Names

    Sophie Hoppenskipper was briefly in my 5th Grade class. Cookie and Candy Sugar were twins at my high school. My pic shows me sitting on the enclosed porch of a former Texas Governor's daughter, Ima Hogg, a woman who led an amazing, successful life of great philanthropy.
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    I Have Found My Rebel At Last Yahoooo!

    Can't go for that. I agree with anti-surgery, no lie, but this woman looks very old. At 64, my woman looks far younger than this model. She, too, wears very stylish clothing, but she looks better in it than that woman. That pic on the stairs: 80-85. The punk-ish do: 74-76 I'm strongly...
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    An Opossum Incident In The Middle Of The Night-Funny

    I had an ailing, old possum in my back yard. I put out dog food and water for her, even though I'm normally opposed to feeding wild critters. She survived for three months. One hot morning, I opened the back door, and was hit with that unmistakable smell of death. I bagged her, and dumped her in...