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  • Good morning Uncontrolable. I was just reading your profile. Very interesting and noted you are now in Arizona. I felt by your writings that you might be a native American.

    I retired in Colorado, Denver area, and moved to Cortez CO in the four corners area.
    There I met a worker friend and wife whom we knew in Longmont Colorado before I retired. They were both Navajo and good folks to know. Last I heard he was in Tucson. Not sure if he is still in Tucson.

    Also noticed you said you were a recovering alcoholic. So am I. I was salvaged by my employer who paid for a month in a addictions recovery unit in Denver. That was about 40 years ago and I am still not drinking, smoking, or using. I doubt that I will ever return to my mixed up ways again. The wife and son and daughter stayed with me during the training and recovery days.

    Stay dry and stay free.

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